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USS Victory has its hands full with asteroids, a mystery ship, and the Tholians

NASHIRA RHO – Both the Tholians and the crew of the USS Victory are investigating the mystery of the USS Arrow.

The USS Victory entered the Nashira Rho region, near the Tholian border after receiving information from the captain of the Lady Adventure. Captain Harrington James reported to Captain Nugra that he had received a weak beacon from the USS Arrow, which had been missing for decades. Captain Nugra decided to investigate and in the process give a shakedown cruise to the upgrades that had been installed.

“We were all excited about the new slipstream drive that had been installed,” reported Crewman Daniel McKay of the Victory. “But it was a bumpy start. We got bounced all over the place before engineering was able to sort out the harmonics.”

The Victory was able to locate the derelict USS Arrow in an asteroid field perilously close to Tholian space. Deciding to utilize a shuttle instead of transporters because of interference, two teams were sent to the ship to investigate and to see if they could discover what happened to the USS Arrow. Lt. Commander Eerie’s team was assigned to get the ship up and operational while the role of Lieutenant Ayiana Sevo’s team was data retrieval.

They were able to reboot the Arrow’s computer systems and bring her back online, but that was not before a Tholian Garnet class cruiser entered the system and threatened the Victory.

“You know that the situation has gone bad to worse, when those rock spiders show up,” said Petty Officer 2nd Class Greg Kelly. “I’m just glad this ship isn’t as green as it once was when we were facing those alien statin sentries over a year ago. That was a real fiasco.”

The Tholian vessel Jaxin, under the command of Major Thramis, ordered the Victory to leave and though Nugra refused on grounds that it was unclaimed space, the Tholian vessel attacked utilizing a new form of web that clung to the side of the ship and spread along the hull. The process set off radiation alarms that put Lieutenant JG Janel Tarna and Lieutenant JG Lael Rosek into action.

With the Tholians after the Arrow and the Victory caught in a new type of web, the mission to discover the fate of the Arrow is now in jeopardy.

Victory crew faces onslaught of pirate ships in orbit of Temlaiyhari

TEMLAIYHARI, HUKOGA SECTOR – A search and rescue mission has turned into a desperate battle for the crew of the USS Victory.

When it comes to missions, the crew of the USS Victory, currently aboard the USS Achilles, has gone from a search operation to a search and rescue and is now caught in the middle of a battle with renegade pirate vessels. The independent moon of Temlai had grown tired with the presence of the Romulans and the Federation, so they sent out a distress call to allies.

This was not the only problem facing the crew. Since Ensign Janel Tarna and Ensign Lael Elizabeth Rosek had been captured by a Sicarius cell, they were able to get a transmission out to the Achilles to pinpoint their location. That away team was in the process of recovering them when the enemy fleet arrived in the system.

The Federation vessel fell under attack from an onslaught of pirate vessels, but thanks to the resourcefulness of the crew, they were able to keep them at bay while Lieutenant Tarsii Asmara and his team were able to recover the two prisoners and escape back to the Achilles.

Once out of the system, the crew were able to check on the damages inflicted and begin to calm down from their ordeal. Having been stuck on an unfamiliar ship and in enemy territory without any shore-leave before had been very rough on them.

“This mission was ridiculous,” Petty Officer 3rd Class Gorvin said while looking over the ship’s engines. “We went from rescue, to battle, and we almost did not make it out.”

Now with their course set for Earth and the newly upgraded Victory, the crew is in high hopes of a well-deserved shore leave and to be able to rest and relax from their time in Romulan territory. How long will their shore-leave last? Only time will tell.

USS Victory’s crew in Romulan space spread thin by combat and a rescue mission

HUKOGA SECTOR — The crew of the USS Victory, currently aboard the USS Achilles, is engaged in combat with rebel Romulan ships, while an away team is attempting to escape with a recovered deadly virus.

The Romulan Republic requested assistance from the Federation in finding the location of a case of sixteen vials filled with Plasmodium falciparum romulopesti, better known as the Skyfire Virus, which had previously ravaged Romulus. During an away mission to search for the virus, two members of the Victory‘s crew were kidnapped and taken by terrorists aboard a cloaked Romulan shuttle craft.

Mindful of not losing any more crew members, Captain Nugra recalled the away team and worked with the Romulan authorities to locate the vials and the missing members of the away team. Over the objection of his first officer, Nugra sent junior officers on a rescue mission to retrieve the vials and rescue the two missing officers after lifesigns had been located.

The away team was led by Lieutenant Tarsii Asmara to secure the virus and to free Ensigns Janel Tarna and Ensign Elizabeth Rosek from imprisonment. For the two young officers, the close quarters of their prison brought together a friendship in the harsh conditions of their incarceration.

The away team found the virus and captives, and after some close quarter combat from the rebel Romulans, they were able to get away with the virus and the two Victory officers. Meanwhile, Lieutenant Talia Kaji led a small revolt in a Sicarius prison to escape and return to the Victory.

Meanwhile the USS Achilles used its artificial intelligence program THETIS to good advantage against a rebel Romulan fleet of two cruisers and three frigates threatening the system. Captain Nugra brought the ship into a tight orbit around a sun to mask the approach of the Achilles as it lay in ambush for them.

“Looks like we’ve got the Syndicate here, ladies and gentlemen,” said Captain Nugra, before issuing his commands. “Power to the forward shields. Let them fire the first shot, THETIS and Santucci, then let them have it.”

Victory crew borrows starship to assist Romulan search for deadly virus

HUKOGA SECTOR — The crew of the USS Victory manned the USS Achilles to assist the Romulan Republic with the recovery of a deadly virus.

After sustaining heavy damage, the USS Victory (NCC-362447) was towed to the Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards for a repair and upgrades to her systems. The USS Grappler (NCC-35321) under the command of Captain Avery was instrumental in the towing of the ship. The crew was given temporary quarters at Utopia Planitia and two weeks of shore leave as the USS Victory was placed in drydock.

The crew started to scatter, some taking leave there and others heading towards Earth. It was just a scant two days when the order to reassemble was given. The crew was ordered to report to the the USS Achilles (NX-82376) for an emergency mission.

“It felt like I’d just gotten off the transport in Shanghai when we were told to head back,” said Crewman Liu Xi-Feng. “As they say, duty calls.”

Captain Nugra explained that the Romulan Republic requested assistance from the Federation to assist in finding the location of a case of sixteen vials filled with Plasmodium falciparum romulopesti, better known as the Skyfire virus which had ravaged Romulus. It was stolen on stardate 239203.10 by terrorists. The vials were then traced to the moon called Temlaiyhari, which orbits an old world called Subakis.

On entering the system, Captain Nugra ordered Lieutenant Commander Eerie to lead an away team to search for the missing vials. He also asked Lieutenant Commander Sharpe to search for the terrorist forces that stole them.

The away teams have just beamed down to the moon to start their investigations. The away teams are to be escorted by two Romulan officers. Lieutenant Commander Eerie is already receiving resistance from his escort in the way that the search will take place.

USS Victory heavily damaged by anomaly near Luxis III; USS Thunder-A assists

LUXIS III, DURONIS SYSTEM — Federation starships had planned to assist science teams, but disaster struck the USS Victory.

The joint promotion ceremony of Rear Admiral Toni Turner and Captain Nugra on Duronis II was a nice celebration and diversion for the crew. Many took advantage to talk to old friends with the Embassy crew and start to make some new friendships. However, a mission came up for both ships. They were requested to assist scientific teams on Luxis III jointly.

The Laudeans needed a team to help install an environmental shield at their ground base while another team would be sent to investigate strange readings on the Lower plateau. Several of the USS Victory crew members were sent to the USS Thunder-A for a temporary swap of officers.

Sent to the Victory were Lieutenant Commander Hannibal Parker, Major Irina Pavlova, Lieutenant junior grade Aurora James and Lieutenant Commander Brayden Joey. To the Thunder-A was Lieutenant Commander Eerie, Commander Alucard Vess, Lieutenant junior grade Ayiana Sevo and Lieutenant junior grade Leland Bishop.

After a quick trip for both USS Victory and the USS Thunder-A, the Victory sent two away teams to Luxis III, one on the lower plateau and one to the outpost.

Starfleet officers pilot Cardassian ship into battle, defeating Strox

ORTHICA’S BANE NEBULA — Federation, Cardassian, and Sunak forces have joined forced in an epic battle against an aggressive new species called the Strox.

The USS Victory had been engaged in a first contact that had gone wrong as a new species, the Strox, suddenly arrived and attacked the Sunak vessel and the Victory by proxy. The Strox sent small ships to board both the Victory and the Sunak ship.

The Cardassian ship Nuvek was being held in a tractor beam by the Sunak, but with the boarding of the Sunak by the Strox, the Nuvek was released. When the disabling beam came off the captive Cardassian ship, the vessel came to the aid of both ships that were under attack. It quickly got into action using Starfleet officers to man the bridge to lead it into battle. Most of the Cardassian crew were prepared to repel boarders from the Strox.

When the Cardassian gul fell in battle, Cmdr. Vess took command of the vessel. The Victory’s commanding officer Captain Nugra was in the middle of negotiations on the Nuvek when the battle began, leaving only junior officers to man the Victory. He quickly transported back aboard the Victory to take command.

Finally, the united forces were able to drive the Strox from the area, and their boarding parties had been defeated by force of arms. Lt. Cmdr. Sharpe and Lt. Cmdr. Eerie helped repel boarders on the Nuvek.

The only major loss was the Cardassian vessel and their prototype slipstream drive. The Victory was able to rescue some of Cardassian crew. There were some minor injuries among the crew of the Victory and minor structural damage to both the Sunak vessel and the Victory. The Sunak, while not pleased with the Cardassians from their earlier hostilities, took into account their heroic actions against the Strox, and they finally granted the remaining Cardassians the right to leave their space aboard the Victory.

The Sunak Triumvirate was pleased with Starfleet’s efforts and agreed to start with possible trade with the Federation. The negotiations were handled deftly by Ensign Bishop as he worked directly with the Primus Sobol, Sunak Triumvirate.

The Triumvirate had some positive but cautious comments about a possible meeting with some Federation officials on Outpost Echo.

“From my knowledge, your base is in unclaimed territory, and so I have no opinion in its existence, but our species would consider visiting the station and may even send freighters in that direction time to time,” said Prime Sobol. “We are not an easily trusting species, Ensign Leland Bishop of the Federation, so you can understand our reticence.”

The Victory made a quick stop at Outpost Echo to pick up some new crew members. Then it was ordered to head directly to Duronis II to the Federation Embassy on the planet. There, the crew was given a short leave before a reception for both crews was to take place during a presentation ceremony.

First contact turns into a firefight

ORTHICA’S BANE — Starfleet’s attempt at diplomacy with the Sunak over a missing Cardassian vessel quickly fell into a firefight when another race called the Strox attacked.

If the crew of the USS Victory were hoping for a peaceful and easy first contact, they were in for a surprise. Though the first contact with the Sunak Triumvirate did not begin with shooting, the octopus-like aliens that lived in a liquid environment were not pleased with the Federation’s arrival. Their leader Primus Sobol alleged that the Cardassian vessel Nuvek, under the command of Gul Minessa, open fired on one of their vessels without provocation and that the crew were being held captive for their crimes.

“I honestly did not know what to think of the situation,” said Lt. Cmdr. Barry Morris, Victory‘s beta shift deck officer, in an interview with FNS embedded reporter Cole Sphinx. “We were outgunned and outnumbered with angry squid people who wanted our heads. Furthermore, our senior staff were all off ship. That’s enough to scare any sane person.”

One would think that this was all the stress the small Federation crew would have to handle, but two hours into the Sunak/Victory meeting, the situation became worse. The already crowded section of the nebula came under direct assault by another race living there called the Strox. These cannibalistic species that preyed on Sunak launched an all-out assault against the Victory, two Sunak vessels Unama and Aqawa, and the wounded Nuvek.

“The Strox are a mixture of medium height bipedal creatures that seemed to be a cross of a lizard and a shark with larger versions that looked like monsters from hell. Their red skin was gnarly and disgusting, ” said Crewman First Class Della Minis in a report. Della was one of the many onboard security forces of the Victory that faced the creatures in combat.

“If it was not for the timely computer lockout by some JG on Deck 4, the Strox may have been able to take the Victory,” he said.

Time will tell what effect this new race will have on the crew and the Federation presence in the Tempest Sector.

Cardassians seek Starfleet’s help in search for slipstream prototype

TEMPEST SECTOR — The Cardassian Union has asked for assistance from the Federation in recovering a missing Cardassian starship with experimental slipstream technology.

“The Federation and Starfleet Command are looking forward to working with our Cardassian counterparts on this urgent matter,” said Deputy Ambassador Chekanta, assigned to the Federation Embassy to Cardassia. “It is a sign of the great progress our two powers have made over the past decade as we continue to strengthen ties on economic, scientific, and defensive fronts.”

The USS Victory has been dispatched, having finished shore leave at Duronis II, where there was a major celebration for their recent successes with crew promotions.

While preparing to depart, Commander Nugra received orders from Fleet Captain Temperance Harland, their new sector commander for the Tempest Sector, to pick up Cardassian Legate Jarin. After the legate’s arrival, the Victory immediately departed for a border region near Tholian space.

En route, upgrades were started by a team lead by Lieutenant Commander Eerie that should help with the search for the missing Cardassian starship.

Victory plot summary for October

Successfully defeating the Hunger at the Yeltan Station and the closing to the space gate, the USS Victory, NCC-362447 has begun a much needed shore leave. While the ship is being repaired, the crew have begun taking shore leave. Many of them taking advantage of the Mishai resort and other attractions around Lokesh City. It has been a great time for the whole ship to not only relax, but also get to meet their newcomers.

Commander Nugra and Lt. Commander Eerie also made a quick trip to Trill for the wedding of Ambassador Della Vetri and Lt. Commander T’Lea, as they have both served with each of them on various ships. It was a good opportunity to meet with old friends and well as get to celebrate the union of the couple. Even though, the crew knows that their adventure in space have only begun and much awaits them in the tempest sector. Secrets that yet await discovery by the intrepid band of explorers!

Victory plot summary for September

The USS Victory NCC-362447 has found itself engaged in operations against the Hunger that have been using a Yeltan teleport gate to infiltrate the galaxy. The Victory used an old slipstream corridor from Dagaro to the Duronis System, to find the gate and a small Hunger ship. Before the crew could prepare for a proper reaction, Captain Sundassa Faranster beamed her team aboard to set explosives, forcing Commander Nugra to send Lieutenant Commander Eerie and his away team to support them. Now, engaged in a struggle with a vastly superior foe, the Victory must survive long enough to recover their team and make their escape.

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