USS Victory heavily damaged by anomaly near Luxis III; USS Thunder-A assists

USS Victory heavily damaged by anomaly near Luxis III; USS Thunder-A assists

LUXIS III, DURONIS SYSTEM — Federation starships had planned to assist science teams, but disaster struck the USS Victory.
The joint promotion ceremony of Rear Admiral Toni Turner and Captain Nugra on Duronis II was a nice celebration and diversion for the crew. Many took advantage to talk to old friends with the Embassy crew and start to make some new friendships. However, a mission came up for both ships. They were requested to assist scientific teams on Luxis III jointly.
The Laudeans needed a team to help install an environmental shield at their ground base while another team would be sent to investigate strange readings on the Lower plateau. Several of the USS Victory crew members were sent to the USS Thunder-A for a temporary swap of officers.
Sent to the Victory were Lieutenant Commander Hannibal Parker, Major Irina Pavlova, Lieutenant junior grade Aurora James and Lieutenant Commander Brayden Joey. To the Thunder-A was Lieutenant Commander Eerie, Commander Alucard Vess, Lieutenant junior grade Ayiana Sevo and Lieutenant junior grade Leland Bishop.
After a quick trip for both USS Victory and the USS Thunder-A, the Victory sent two away teams to Luxis III, one on the lower plateau and one to the outpost.
Just as the away teams got started, the Victory ordered the immediate recall of officers for a transfer. During that time, both ships got a routine report of anomalies from Starfleet Command. It wasn’t long before a major anomaly struck both ships, causing major damage to the Victory. She started to lose orbit and the USS Thunder-A had to make an emergency maneuver to intercept and use a tractor beam to save the Victory, which had lost engine power. The shock wave from the opening of the anomaly had caused extensive damage to the Victory, and the USS Thunder assisted the Victory into orbit.
Meanwhile on the surface, the away team lead by Lieutenant Commander Parker sent to explore strange energy readings ran into a tidal wave caused by the anomaly. The team was forced to take emergency shelter, and the mission was finally recalled.
“Mission has been scrubbed,” reported Lt. Commander Parker. “The Victory has been badly damaged by some sort of anomaly. We’re going back.”
It was an ending of dismay to the joint mission which had begun with high hopes. Both away teams were rescued by the Admiral’s yacht from the Thunder-A.

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