Victory crew borrows starship to assist Romulan search for deadly virus

Victory crew borrows starship to assist Romulan search for deadly virus

HUKOGA SECTOR — The crew of the USS Victory manned the USS Achilles to assist the Romulan Republic with the recovery of a deadly virus.
After sustaining heavy damage, the USS Victory (NCC-362447) was towed to the Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards for a repair and upgrades to her systems. The USS Grappler (NCC-35321) under the command of Captain Avery was instrumental in the towing of the ship. The crew was given temporary quarters at Utopia Planitia and two weeks of shore leave as the USS Victory was placed in drydock.
The crew started to scatter, some taking leave there and others heading towards Earth. It was just a scant two days when the order to reassemble was given. The crew was ordered to report to the the USS Achilles (NX-82376) for an emergency mission.
“It felt like I’d just gotten off the transport in Shanghai when we were told to head back,” said Crewman Liu Xi-Feng. “As they say, duty calls.”
Captain Nugra explained that the Romulan Republic requested assistance from the Federation to assist in finding the location of a case of sixteen vials filled with Plasmodium falciparum romulopesti, better known as the Skyfire virus which had ravaged Romulus. It was stolen on stardate 239203.10 by terrorists. The vials were then traced to the moon called Temlaiyhari, which orbits an old world called Subakis.
On entering the system, Captain Nugra ordered Lieutenant Commander Eerie to lead an away team to search for the missing vials. He also asked Lieutenant Commander Sharpe to search for the terrorist forces that stole them.
The away teams have just beamed down to the moon to start their investigations. The away teams are to be escorted by two Romulan officers. Lieutenant Commander Eerie is already receiving resistance from his escort in the way that the search will take place.

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