USS Victory has its hands full with asteroids, a mystery ship, and the Tholians

USS Victory has its hands full with asteroids, a mystery ship, and the Tholians

NASHIRA RHO – Both the Tholians and the crew of the USS Victory are investigating the mystery of the USS Arrow.
The USS Victory entered the Nashira Rho region, near the Tholian border after receiving information from the captain of the Lady Adventure. Captain Harrington James reported to Captain Nugra that he had received a weak beacon from the USS Arrow, which had been missing for decades. Captain Nugra decided to investigate and in the process give a shakedown cruise to the upgrades that had been installed.
“We were all excited about the new slipstream drive that had been installed,” reported Crewman Daniel McKay of the Victory. “But it was a bumpy start. We got bounced all over the place before engineering was able to sort out the harmonics.”
The Victory was able to locate the derelict USS Arrow in an asteroid field perilously close to Tholian space. Deciding to utilize a shuttle instead of transporters because of interference, two teams were sent to the ship to investigate and to see if they could discover what happened to the USS Arrow. Lt. Commander Eerie’s team was assigned to get the ship up and operational while the role of Lieutenant Ayiana Sevo’s team was data retrieval.
They were able to reboot the Arrow’s computer systems and bring her back online, but that was not before a Tholian Garnet class cruiser entered the system and threatened the Victory.
“You know that the situation has gone bad to worse, when those rock spiders show up,” said Petty Officer 2nd Class Greg Kelly. “I’m just glad this ship isn’t as green as it once was when we were facing those alien statin sentries over a year ago. That was a real fiasco.”
The Tholian vessel Jaxin, under the command of Major Thramis, ordered the Victory to leave and though Nugra refused on grounds that it was unclaimed space, the Tholian vessel attacked utilizing a new form of web that clung to the side of the ship and spread along the hull. The process set off radiation alarms that put Lieutenant JG Janel Tarna and Lieutenant JG Lael Rosek into action.
With the Tholians after the Arrow and the Victory caught in a new type of web, the mission to discover the fate of the Arrow is now in jeopardy.

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