Starfleet officers pilot Cardassian ship into battle, defeating Strox

Starfleet officers pilot Cardassian ship into battle, defeating Strox

ORTHICA’S BANE NEBULA — Federation, Cardassian, and Sunak forces have joined forced in an epic battle against an aggressive new species called the Strox.
The USS Victory had been engaged in a first contact that had gone wrong as a new species, the Strox, suddenly arrived and attacked the Sunak vessel and the Victory by proxy. The Strox sent small ships to board both the Victory and the Sunak ship.
The Cardassian ship Nuvek was being held in a tractor beam by the Sunak, but with the boarding of the Sunak by the Strox, the Nuvek was released. When the disabling beam came off the captive Cardassian ship, the vessel came to the aid of both ships that were under attack. It quickly got into action using Starfleet officers to man the bridge to lead it into battle. Most of the Cardassian crew were prepared to repel boarders from the Strox.
When the Cardassian gul fell in battle, Cmdr. Vess took command of the vessel. The Victory’s commanding officer Captain Nugra was in the middle of negotiations on the Nuvek when the battle began, leaving only junior officers to man the Victory. He quickly transported back aboard the Victory to take command.
Finally, the united forces were able to drive the Strox from the area, and their boarding parties had been defeated by force of arms. Lt. Cmdr. Sharpe and Lt. Cmdr. Eerie helped repel boarders on the Nuvek.
The only major loss was the Cardassian vessel and their prototype slipstream drive. The Victory was able to rescue some of Cardassian crew. There were some minor injuries among the crew of the Victory and minor structural damage to both the Sunak vessel and the Victory. The Sunak, while not pleased with the Cardassians from their earlier hostilities, took into account their heroic actions against the Strox, and they finally granted the remaining Cardassians the right to leave their space aboard the Victory.
The Sunak Triumvirate was pleased with Starfleet’s efforts and agreed to start with possible trade with the Federation. The negotiations were handled deftly by Ensign Bishop as he worked directly with the Primus Sobol, Sunak Triumvirate.
The Triumvirate had some positive but cautious comments about a possible meeting with some Federation officials on Outpost Echo.
“From my knowledge, your base is in unclaimed territory, and so I have no opinion in its existence, but our species would consider visiting the station and may even send freighters in that direction time to time,” said Prime Sobol. “We are not an easily trusting species, Ensign Leland Bishop of the Federation, so you can understand our reticence.”
The Victory made a quick stop at Outpost Echo to pick up some new crew members. Then it was ordered to head directly to Duronis II to the Federation Embassy on the planet. There, the crew was given a short leave before a reception for both crews was to take place during a presentation ceremony.

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