Monthly Ship Summary: Victory

Monthly Ship Summary: Victory

Victory began the month still rendering aid to people of Pelham IV. LtCmdr. Phoenix and his team had been captured by rebel forces and were held and interrogated. Cmdr. Parker’s team had explored a newly uncovered pyramid. Inside they discovered that Pelham IV had once been an advanced civilization. Civil wars over technologies had brought them to the edge of extinction. It had been agreed to blame the technology, not the people, and that all technology was outlawed. However, years later the pyramid, the only reminder of the insanity that had befallen them, was buried by nature and the cycle had begun again.

While Cmdr. Parker made an impassioned plea to the planet’s population, LtCmdr. Phoenix’s team planned and executed a brilliant escape. They were still out of contact with the ship but were free.

LtCmdr. Phoenix’s team moved further away from their former prison as Cmdr. Parker’s team began to search for them in the same prison. LtCmdr. Phoenix’s team came across an unusual building surrounded by a dampening field. After inspection, it became clear that they’d found a scientific outpost studying a biological weapon.

At last, contact with Victory was reestablished with LtCmdr. Phoenix’s team. Soon nuclear explosions on the planet forced the teams to be recalled to the ship in a hurry.

With the teams back on Victory, talks began with the government to have Federation specialists brought in to help in rebuilding the government and finally finding peace.

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