August plot summary for Victory

August plot summary for Victory

The USS Victory, NCC-362447, had spent two weeks on shore leave at StarBase 118, and after some interesting interviews from Starfleet Intelligence, they were cleared and allowed to begin shore leave. The crew got the rest they need and once the USS Victory was ready, they began to make their way back to the Tempest Sector. On the way, they received a distress call from what appeared to be the USS Victory. They found an Intrepid class ship, and after no response Lt. Cmdr Eerie took an away team and found Captain Sundassa Faranster and a few other survivors. This Victory was from the future. It appeared that the ship came from a future stardate in 2414.
The future Victory was in horrible shape and the crew was then evacuated to the present day Victory before their own ship was destroyed. Commander Nugra and Captain Faranster quickly spoke and found that in the future, their nemesis, the Hunger, had destroyed the known galaxy and the reason she had come back into the past was to destroy their ability to enter the galaxy before they unleashed their terror on the known species.

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