Victory plot summary for April

Victory plot summary for April

USS EagleShore leave on Earth was cut short and all members of the crew were recalled to the ship for a reception honoring the promotion of Captain Andrus Jaxx. Fleet Captain Sidney Riley arrived fairly suddenly as most of the crew were still making it back aboard. She presented the new Captain with his promotion in person and stayed only for a short few hours to celebrate the promotion.
With plenty of new tech being tested on the USS Victory NCC-362447, the crew has started preparing to ship out for their next mission. Though they don’t know it, Captain Jaxx has requested a transfer for the crew to StarBase 118 Operations in light of the news that Lieutenant JG Tressa is pregnant.
As the systems power up, the engineers find anomalies that don’t quite make sense. Given a set amount of time to figure it out, they begin sorting through the information in the hopes that whatever is wrong does not create problems when the ship is released to its own power.
This will be the final plot summary update for the Victory. Because they are moving to StarBase 118 Operations, you can now follow their plot on the Ops e-mail list!

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