Victory plot summary for March

USS EagleWith everyone on board, save the deceased Petty Officer Alice May, the USS Victory, NCC-362447 heads for Earth to enjoy a much needed shore leave. Along the way, the ship met up with a transfer ship and handed off the Romulan Senator Kaitak, who had been rescued from Decas IV. Once the transfer was complete, the Victory made her way to the Sol System for repairs and a refit before heading back towards Starbase 118. Many of the Terran’s have gone home, while other members of the crew get to know each other.

The new counselor, Ensign Dranzer Damaer, is being met with mixed feelings. While some of the crew has gone out of their way to make her at home, other members, such as those who hold grudges against the Cardassians during the war, are doing the best that they can to avoid her. As she is the only counselor aboard the Victory, many Betazoid crewmembers are having a difficult time dealing with the attack on Betazed on their own.