Victory plot summary for February

Victory plot summary for February

After their first communication with the USS Victory, Chief Petty Officer Radi Rais is sent out on another shuttle to locate and pick up the team once they had located the Senator. Conditions in the atmosphere worsen, and though the shuttle avoids the problems that had plagued the first one, they are unable to locate the team at first. Meanwhile, the away team enters the edge of the city and is met with a rather friendly holographic security guard. Moments later, the lights of a transporter beam appear close by. The Senator and his aide appear just moments before a very angry Tal Shiar agent in a vehicle. The shuttle locates the crew as they realize who the Senator is and move to protect him. Speeding closer, the Tal Shiar agent begins firing at the group as they fold into the open shuttle door. Things become chaotic and shots are fired from both sides. As the final officers stepped up into the shuttle, one lucky shot found home. The weapon had been set on the highest setting, and Petty Officer First Class May was instantly disintegrated. With the Senator in tow, the shuttle returns to the Victory to find it in a standoff with a Romulan warbird. Quick thinking allows the ship to escape, and begin their trek back to the Starbase where they would be able to come to terms with the death of May.

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