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Sicarius involvement suspected in Mercadian System

MERCADIAN SYSTEM — Potential Sicarius Movement involvement has been uncovered as the crew of the USS Excalibur-A finds Federation technology on a pre-warp planet threatened by an anomaly.

The Excalibur‘s away team sent to the surface of Mercadia III in search of answers quickly stumbled into something entirely unexpected. While making their way into a building that seemed to be broadcasting a signal to the satellites in orbit, the team found themselves caught in the middle of a plot to blow the building’s cover to the unknowing society around it. The result was the capture of one officer, Lt. Commander Alex Williams, and the injuring of another, Lt. Commander Tyler Kelly. With the assistance of a local teenager, what was left of the team found a set up using Federation technology, rubber stamped with deliberate signs pointing to the Romulan Star Empire.

“Imagine that, a Federation core,” says Ryan Malloy, an engineering officer serving under Lt. Commander Luna Walker on the Excalibur. “We’re honestly shocked. We just can’t seem to piece together how a Federation core made it to a planet that is home to a pre-warp civilization, and then was set up to look like the Romulans did it.”

Meanwhile, aboard the Excalibur, intelligence officer Lieutenant Collim Kieran discovered a potential link between the whispers of a Sicarius movement and the anomalies appearing throughout the galaxy. This was further backed by the sudden appearance of the freighter Loki and its occupant. Once cornered and captured, Ace, as he is known, transported to the Excalibur where he began a cat and mouse game involving cloaking suits and handmade bombs. Without internal sensors, security officer Ensign Kurt Logan headed off in pursuit of their “guest.”

Thoroughly distracted from the anomaly, it wasn’t until it blinked out of existence that the bridge crew were forced to turn their attention back to the big picture. With the backwash of the destruction of the first planet in the system a few days ago to the temporarily stranded away team on the surface, the crew of the Excalibur has been truly pushed to their limits, and with an intruder still on the loose in a blind ship, it won’t be an easy road home.

USS Excalibur-A investigates mysterious satellites over Mercadia III

AFEHIRR SECTOR — After a brief stop at Erscyne Station, the USS Excalibur-A entered a race against the clock as devastating energy waves head towards Mercadia III.

The USS Excalibur-A arrived at the mysterious Erscyne Station after being relaunched from Starbase 118 to an uncharacteristically warm welcome. Rumor has it the notoriously xenophobic Erscyne Trade Alliance granted them passage through the Afehirr sector as a favor to Fleet Captain Kalianna Nicholotti, who made the ultimate sacrifice to protect their station last year. After receiving the all clear, the Excalibur proceeded at all possible speed to Mercadia III as the crew made preparations to save the planet and halt the anomalies’ terrifying effects.

Science officer Lt. JG Aurora James’s preliminary research indicates the anomaly may be a result of experimental transwarp research at Prometheus Station. As the science department was hard at work, a late addition to the ship’s crew offered a welcome distraction. Zogi, the Ferengi bartender, rushed to settle into the Excalibur’s “Round Table” lounge, offering the strained crew a place to unwind.

Meanwhile, a quiet but heated confrontation between Major Irina Pavlova and Lieutenant Collim Kieran became the subject of gossip among the junior officers, eventually reaching the ears of the Excalibur’s first officer, Lt. Commander Tyler Kelly. After a meeting with both officers in his office, reports say the issue has been resolved.

The mystery only deepened when the Excalibur arrived at the pre-warp planet of Mercadia III, where they discovered four satellites with offensive capabilities that far exceeded the Mercadians’ tech-level.

“What worries me are the four orbital satellites with simple radio transmitters but what appear to be large optical laser arrays,” said Major Pavlova when she made the foreboding discovery.

The crew soon realized the satellites were in constant communication with a strange facility located in the capital city of Heralokk. As Fleet Captain Nicholotti and the Excalibur remained in orbit focused on stopping the dangerous radiation waves, Lt. Commander Kelly and his away team beamed down to the surface in hopes of solving the mystery of the anachronistic satellites.

Reactivated USS Excalibur-A rapidly deployed to Afehirr Sector

STARBASE 118 — In response to emerging threats in the Afehirr Sector, Starfleet has reactivated the USS Excalibur-A.

The Vesta class starship USS Excalibur (NCC-41903-A) launched under the command of Fleet Captain Kali Nicholotti and Lt. Commander Tyler Kelly on stardate 239202.16. The Excalibur’s crew compliment of 835 were taken from all over the fleet via voluntary transfer and mandatory assignment.

“Without me you are nothing. Without you I am nothing,” said Flt. Capt. Nicholotti to a stunned audience during a ceremony preceding the launch.

Although some questioned Nicholotti’s skills as a speechwriter, everyone looked forward to a new adventure.

The Excalibur’s first mission will take her to the Mercadian system in the largely uncharted Afehirr sector. An inhabited planet known only as Mercadia III lies directly in the path of strange waves of energy. The origin and intent of these waves remains unknown, however a mysterious force on the planet appears to be pulling the energy towards it like a magnet. The primary objective of the mission is to save the planet from total destruction by diverting the energy wave or, failing that, to facilitate an emergency evacuation operation. Needless to say, the crew will have their work cut out for them on what is sure to be a difficult first mission.

Meanwhile, the Excalibur herself is buzzing with less ominous activity. While the Captain faces her own lack of returning memories, the rest of the crew must find a way to trust her leadership. A Ferengi named Zogi is about to set up shop in the hope of making a fortune as the crew form new friendships while sharing a drink at the Black Hole bar. The relationship between LtJG. Aurora James and Major Irina Pavlova has moved to the next level, and they are preparing an engagement party after the conclusion of the mission, giving everyone something to look forward to.

While everyone aboard is fairly new to this particular Starfleet family, the crew is ready for whatever chaos the universe is ready to throw at them.

August plot summary for Excalibur

As the USS Excalibur, NCC-41903, warped to the Onias sector, the crew prepared for what the mission would require. Lt. Udas and LtCmdr. James quickly determined that a series of probes could be sent through the sector to find the Ocala. Unfortunately, the Chief Engineer pointed out that the coverage for the entire sector would far exceed their capacity. Thankfully, Commander Ben Walker and Senator Vreeya were able to subtly provide information as to where the enemy fleet could be found. And the senator used falsified records to enter into the Ocala’s good graces. Just entering the sector, the ship has now found a damaged transport… that they will soon discover was attacked by the disguised senator!

July plot summary for the Excalibur

The crew of USS Excalibur, NCC-41903-A, were called to a breakfast meeting by their new Captain, Fleet Captain Cascadia Rainier. Very quickly however, people began to suspect that something strange was going on as officers from the USS Darwin NCC-99312-A began to show up. Soon Captain Rainier started the meeting where she promoted Lt. Commander Ben Livingston to Commander and informed him of Starfleet’s decision to give him command of the USS Columbia, to which he and several other officers would be transferring too effective immediately.

After the departing crew said their goodbyes, the crew’s attention was brought to a developing situation in the Onias Sector. In response to the worsening of a plague previously thought to have been solved the the crew of the Excalibur, a group calling itself Ralaaram Ocala has taken to harassing Federation traffic near the neutral zone. Further investigation reveals that Ralaaram Ocala translates into ‘Sky Fire’ the name of the Starfleet Doctor who came up with the much-lauded ‘Skyfire Cure’ which was thought to have originally cured the plague.

Wasting no time, the Captain set a course to the Onias Sector leaving the rest of the crew to spend their time finishing the repair work from the previous mission, discussing the recent crew and in some cases vessel change, and trying to gather what little information they knew about Ralaaram Ocala and even the Onias sector itself…

June plot summary for the USS Excalibur-A

The crew of USS Excalibur, NCC 41903-A watched as the actions of Lt. Vitor Silveira were scrutinized by a panel led by RAdm. Jaxx. Lt. Sal Taybrim and Silveira both offered their testimony under the direction of LtCmdr. Katy Orman, representing the prosecution, and LtCmdr. Brek, leading the defense. The charges: reckless endangerment of the ship and undefined entities, dereliction of duty, attempted murder, and involuntary manslaughter of FltCapt. Kalianna Nicholotti. By the end, the tribunal was convinced of Silveira’s innocence of all counts except insubordination, and demoted him to the rank of Lt JG.

Other members of the crew explored Erscyne station, taking in the sights and sounds of the Bakalostii, a marketplace on the station. While they were observed to be outsiders by some of the inhabitants, there were no incidents and the first steps toward more friendly relations were established.

By order of StarFleet Command, FltCapt. Cascadia Rainier took command of Excalibur. After a tour of the ship, she met with the First Officer regarding personnel matters. In that regard, Lt. Rune Jolara was ordered to the post of Chief Counselor. A petition by Scott Walker, civilian, to a role in the ship’s counseling department was also considered. Having received new orders, the ship now prepared to set out for its next mission.

May plot summary for the USS Excalibur

Following Fleet Captain Kalianna Nicholotti’s disappearance, a memorial service was held in her honor by the crew of USS Excalibur NCC 41903-A. Commander Liam Frost also attended the service. Following the memorial, an award ceremony was conducted. Engineering continued repairs, now assisted by crews from Erscyne Station. In a change of heart by the Trade Alliance, the station was opened to Excalibur’s crew as a place to seek relaxation and rest. High Chief Merchant Kzahtayapa developed a strong interest in the Transporter technology aboard the ship despite her earlier fear of how they would affect the balance of trade. Some members of the crew visited the station and were surprised by the inhabitants’ sense of indebtedness to Nicholotti’s sacrifice and that of the entire crew. Taken as a sign that longer-term relations could eventually be established, this was a far leap from the original isolationist attitudes they presented.

StarFleet Command has indicated that a Court Martial will be held for Lieutenant Vitor Silveira as a result of his disobedience of a direct order from Fleet Captain Nicholotti. The court, consisting of Rear Admiral Andrus Jaxx, Fleet Captain Cascadia Rainier, and Frost, convened shortly after their arrival. The court was swiftly called to session, with Lt. Commander Katy Orman prosecuting and Lt. Commander Brek defending the accused.

April plot summary for the USS Excalibur-A

The crew of USS Excalibur-A continued their search for information pertaining to the mysterious spatial phenomenon in the area surrounding Erscyne Station. A plan to use chroniton radiation to discover information about what is inside the phenomenon, and the locations of missing crew are identified. An arrangement was reached with Erscyne Station to share information and work together to solve the mystery.

Soon after, Lieutenant Silveira attempted to fly a shuttle into the void to collapse it, against direct orders. After returning him to the ship and confining him within a security force field, Fleet Captain Nicholotti decides to try a similar approach herself. While the crew coordinated the transport of the missing crew back to the ship, she orders a fighter prepared for the mission and flies out toward the void. The crew are returned to the ship via mass-transport (leaving some crew injured upon arrival) only moments before Nicholotti flies into the void.

She successfully closes the void, saving Excalibur and Erscyne station, but in doing so, she is lost to Excalibur, eventually classified as Missing in Action, Presumed Dead. After a briefing to regroup, Lt. Commander Livingston orders the staff off-duty until a memorial service the following morning.

March Plot Summary for the USS Excalibur

The crew of USS Excalibur NCC-41903-A, has made tremendous discoveries as well as experienced setbacks in their goal of understanding the anomaly that stranded them in the Afehirr Sector.

The being transported aboard Excalibur was revealed to be the High Chief Merchant of the Erscyne Trade Allinace. After a first-contact scenario, the guarded dignitary was beamed back to the station. However, the crew also discovered life-signs of beings inhabitting the same space as Excalibur, but trapped in “pocket” universes. After a successful attempt to retrieve the individual, the crew discovered a young, helpless Azeyka child that was swiftly taken under the care of the medical department. The rescue drained the ship’s power, leaving the Engineering department to restore power so that additional “rescues” of thirty missing crew members can be attempted.

Meanwhile, LtCmdr. Katy Orman was transported not only through space but through time into the station’s recent past, where she spent a month “catching up” in time to Excalibur. Though initially rendered invisible to the aliens aboard the station, she eventually made contact with the creatures and was put in contact with Excalibur. She also discovered a black, possibly parasitic creature that appears to be linked to the spatial “void.” Theories abound as to the nature of the void, and the crew continued to work on identifying its nature and determine a way of ceasing its expansion.

February Plot Summary for the USS Excalibur

The morning following the live test, the crew of the USS Excalibur-A, NCC-41903, prepared for a mission of pure exploration. With the directive to test the slipstream drive and explore beyond charted space, excitement traveled quickly. Some chose to join the occasion on the bridge, while others buried themselves in work. Whatever they were doing, it didn’t last long. Not long after the drive was engaged, the ship was ripped from the slipstream and thrown through ‘normal’ space.

Soon, everyone began experiencing mental illusions and hallucinations around them. Ranging from seeing passed loved ones to fears brought to life, the stability of everyone was questioned. While the medical staff and science officers worked on a solution, a distress call came in. A ship nearby was being swallowed by some unknown force. With seconds to act, the Captain orders the occupant transported aboard allowing everyone to learn a little about the area of space they’ve stumbled into.

Not far from their position in space was a station made of biotechnical material. The occupant that had been saved seemed leery of the crew, yet was diplomatic enough until she was returned to her station upon an ultimatum issued by the station’s commander. Since her return, nothing had been received from the station, even in return to a request to come aboard in peace. There was an eerie silence between the two, broken only when a massive energy wave sweeps through the sector hitting both station and ship like an invisible brick wall.

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