Excalibur crew launch search for missing colleagues

Excalibur crew launch search for missing colleagues

STARBASE 224 — The crew of the USS Excalibur-A (NCC-41903-A) have embarked on a mission to search for two missing members of its senior staff.

The two missing officers are the ship’s first officer, Commander Addison MacKenzie, and its Chief Intelligence Officer, Lieutenant Talos Dakora. The pair were last seen together leaving Molly Malone’s, a drinking establishment on Deep Space 224, and then subsequently boarding a repurposed Maquis vessel.

Station security footage shows each of them boarding the vessel of their own free will, and the station’s sensors recorded only two life signs on board at the time of their departure, suggesting there had been no foul play.

According to operations officers on the station, they did not file a flight plan before they departed and had not reported their intentions to any member of the station or Excalibur staff.

Amid rumours that the pair had been engaged in a secret relationship and might be using the trip to elope, several of the Excalibur’s senior staff, including the ship’s Chief Medical Officer, Commander Genkos Adea, have confirmed that no romantic relationship exists between the two officers.

“They’re definitely not a couple – ‘Mackora’ and ‘Dackenzie’ are terrible couples names, anyway.” Cmdr. Adea said.

The Excalibur staff has reason to believe that the missing officers were headed in the direction of space station K-7, but no one would comment further about what evidence they had to substantiate that hypothesis. The crew will use K-7 as the starting point and expand their search radius from there.

More on this story as it develops.

Written by Addison MacKenzie

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