Crew of Excalibur-A relaxes post successful mission in Prime Directive aftermath

Crew of Excalibur-A relaxes post successful mission in Prime Directive aftermath

DEEP SPACE 224 – Admiral Regillensis has been apprehended, and the Excalibur has returned to Deep Space 224 for rest, leisure, and repairs. What began as an undercover assignment on Demes II uncovered a slew of crimes committed by the Admiral, as well as his dubious intentions for sending the crew of the Excalibur in particular.

Now that they’re off duty, the crew is taking advantage of the opportunity to take off their shoes and put their feet up, with many travelling to the starbase’s many attractions and boutiques, many of which are on the central promenade. Tea-Hee-Hee, a tiny bistro on the promenade, has been frequented by numerous Excalibur crew members in the past and continues to do so.

The crew also attended a memorial service for the USS Resolution and the fourteen people who died because of her loss. Before the bigger public celebration, a modest private ceremony, including the crew members from both ships, took place.

“Well, some crewmen anyway,” a disgruntled Petty Officer Shryv ch’Thorlles told the FNS, “the senior staff were all invited, of course, but us lower deckers were only made aware after the fact. Another notch against them, I suppose. Wait, don’t quote me on that”.

Besides resting, the group is receiving extra crew members, including a minor celebrity. Doctor Gott, a Ferengi psychologist and the author of ‘Gotta Lotta Problems, Gott’s Got Answers!’ has joined the crew’s counselling team as part of the Interspecies Medical Exchange. According to early reports from the ship, the crew is stunned to have such an esteemed lobe among them.

Written by Genkos Adea

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