Missing Excalibur staff found at last as ship fights off infection

Missing Excalibur staff found at last as ship fights off infection

USS EXCALIBUR-A — The crew of the Excalibur-A rejoice as their First Officer, Cmdr. Addison MacKenzie, and Intelligence Chief, Lt. Talos Dakora, are found after mysteriously vanishing a few hours ago.

It appears that the two officers were off investigating a mysterious covert message received by MacKenzie. The message’s contents are unknown, but we believe it may be in connection to the recent poisoning of several delegates aboard the Excalibur-A a few months ago.

After fighting their way through an old Maquis fighter ship, the Daisy, MacKenzie and Dakora managed to regain control of the ship, sending a distress signal to the Excalibur-A, and flying back to meet their colleagues.

Meanwhile, on the Excalibur-A, a swarm of nanobots travelled through the ship’s systems, disrupting many of the ship’s functions, trapping Cmdr. Genkos Adea and LtCmdr. Devon Romjin in a turbolift.

“It was terrible,” said Cmdr. Adea, the Acting First Officer, “I think I broke every bone in my body when the lift came to a sudden stop. And then my doctors pulled me out of the lift, and I’m afraid I might have let fly a few choice profanities”.

The infection of nanobots was successfully fought off by the combined effort of almost the entire Excalibur crew. At their recent awards ceremony, it would be easier to list off everyone who did not receive the Innovation Ribbon for their achievements in this field.

Written by Genkos Adea

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