Crew of the USS Excalibur reveal their hidden talents

Crew of the USS Excalibur reveal their hidden talents

DEEP SPACE 224 – The crew of the USS Excalibur-A (NCC-41903-A) will conclude their shore leave with a talent contest.

The contest will feature a variety of acts, including musical performances by Commodore Kalianna Nicholotti and Lieutenant Vitor Silveira, a contortionist, a magician, and a special act by the ship’s librarian, Gertude Kettleworth, which is so incredible that the librarian will not reveal any further details about her performance.

The news of the talent event has gone throughout the ship, causing quite a stir among the junior officers.

“From the rumours floating around the lower decks, the talent night promises to be quite the event.” Lieutenant Isabella Marschalkerweerd de Klotz replied. “Our tactical officer will be wearing underwear and stiletto heels. I’m not sure who needs to see that, but I’m not one to pass judgement. Whatever works.” 

The talent contest, organised by Lieutenant Commander Yogan Yalu, will serve as a creative method for the crew to unwind following their mission on Demes II in the Borderlands. The operation required the senior crew to go undercover for several weeks among the Demesians, a pre-warp civilisation.

During their expedition, the Excalibur crew realised that Starfleet technology was the cause of the Demesian population’s fast technological advancement. A high-ranking Starfleet officer is currently on trial, accused of negligently managing the Starfleet property that led to the catastrophe.

Written by Addison MacKenzie

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