“Taco Tuesday” leads to diplomatic incident aboard USS Excalibur-A

“Taco Tuesday” leads to diplomatic incident aboard USS Excalibur-A

THE BORDERLANDS — The crew of the USS Excalibur (NCC-41903-A) bungle talks between the Klingon Empire, the Romulan Republic, and the Son’a Command as all three ambassadors feel unwell.

Despite a promising start at Cmdre. Kalianna Nicholotti’s diplomatic starting gun with her Taco Tuesday welcome meal, the mediation between the three delegates quickly dissolved. The three ambassadors enjoyed their tacos (Earth delicacies made of meat and a hardened corn shell), but quickly their faces turned green, with the Klingon Ambassador heaving up profusely over the CMO, Cmdr. Genkos Adea.

“It’s not even the most embarrassing thing that’s happened to him today,” said one server, who wished to remain anonymous. “I saw him eat a single piece of jalapeno pepper and gag – he has no threshold for spice. It’s pitiful.”

The crew quickly got the Ambassadors to sickbay, where they were stabilised relatively quickly once medical officers realised they’d been poisoned. Once the source of the toxins was identified, Cmdre. Nicholotti held a successful diplomatic coup d’état within the Excalibur’s Intensive Care Unit, from which the Ambassadors have now been released.

What was said within that room is strictly classified, but rumour has it that the poisoning was actually an attempt on the life of the Klingon Ambassador by his belligerent father. He did not respond to our request for comment.

Written by Genkos Adea

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