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Duronis II Embassy crew heads into Typhon Expanse

TYPHON EXPANSE – The crew of the Duronis II Embassy have taken a runabout into the Expanse to test game-changing technology.

Tale of Three Shore Leaves

LUXIS SYSTEM — The crew of the Federation embassy on Duronis II enjoyed a long overdue shore leave.

USS Thunder struggles to return home in one piece

BRIAR PATCH — The USS Discovery-C and USS Thunder-A performed an untested maneuver to get back to the Duronis System.

Dangerous family affair leaves USS Thunder disabled

BRIAR PATCH, AVALON SECTOR — A feud between Captain Tyr Waltas and his son has left the USS Thunder-A disabled and undergoing major repairs near Ba’ku.

High profile wedding held at the Embassy of Duronis II

LUXIS SYSTEM — Guests came from all over the galaxy to participate in the wedding of Rear Admiral Toni Turner to Captain Tyr Waltas.

Tal Shiar-Orion Syndicate plot foiled by Duronis II Embassy crew

LUXIS SYSTEM — The Starfleet crew of the Embassy on Duronis II mobilized teams across the sector to end a sinister Tal Shiar-Orion Syndicate plot.

Orion Syndicate plot threatens to destabilize the Federation

LUXIS SYSTEM — Dozens of planets and outposts have been attacked by the Orion Syndicate as the criminal organization continues to strengthen its position near the Duronis Sector.

Duronis II Embassy defends against Zalkonian attack

LUXIS SYSTEM — The Embassy on Duronis II is clearing away the destruction and rebuilding after surviving a Zalkonian attack that seems to have been backed by the Orion Syndicate.

Cold wars heat up in the Beta Quadrant

LUXIS SYSTEM – The Embassy on Duronis II is facing off against the Zalkonians, the Orions, and the Romulan Star Empire.

Enemy infiltrators captured at Duronis II Embassy

LUXIS SYSTEM – The USS Thunder-A dealt with augment felines as Duronis II Embassy crew captured enemy infiltrators.

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