Embassy of Duronis II Welcomes New Ambassador After Mission In Romulan Space

Embassy of Duronis II Welcomes New Ambassador After Mission In Romulan Space

DURONIS II — The Embassy welcomes Ambassador Brell during a well deserved shore leave after a difficult mission in Romulan space.
The crew of the Embassy of Duronis II were recognized for their part in rescuing the survivors of the long thought missing SS Red Star and were similarly lauded for uncovering a looming biological threat from the Tal Shiar, intelligence division of the Romulan Empire. The threat was neutralized when the crew of the Thor and Thunder-A rescued the remaining passengers and crew from the cruise liner.
However, the SS Red Star was unfortunately destroyed in the rescue, which suffered a warp containment breach, ultimately resulting in a Romulan Warbird being destroyed in the ensuing shockwave. Three other Warbirds were destroyed during the escape of the remaining Federation crafts.
Since this rescue occurred inside Romulan space, the repercussions of this incident are impossible to quantify fully in the present, but it may be assumed that significant ramifications will follow these events.
“We are fully aware of the situation, and are managing it appropriately”, said Urvin Glaesh, spokesperson for Vice Admiral Ben-Zayn.
It was also at this time, Captain Brell, after an impressive tour as the commanding officer of the USS Atlantis, was promoted to Ambassador and was officially installed during a ball held by the Embassy’s senior staff.
Ambassador Brell is no stranger to the Embassy, serving there once before as a member of the USS Thor’s crew.
Written by Krindo Pandorn

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