Embassy Of Duronis II To Host Romulan And A Surprise Klingon Delegations

Embassy Of Duronis II To Host Romulan And A Surprise Klingon Delegations

DURONIS II — The Embassy of Duronis II makes ready for the arrival of two diplomatic delegations.
After weeks of planning, the time finally came as the Romulan Republic’s diplomatic delegation arrived at Duronis II to begin a tour of Duronis II and discuss the recent incursion of the USS Thor and other support ships which neutralised a Tal Shiar bio-threat to the region.
Matters became increasingly tense as ships from the Embassy which had escorted the Romulan ships through the Sand Bar around Duronis II had detected a Klingon K’Tinga class ship on approach with the Klingon Ambassador and possibly the Chancellor himself for negotiations with both the Federation and the young Romulan Republic.
“It remains uncertain why the Klingon delegation has arrived for the conference,” explained Mired Mal, political reporter. “It leaves everyone wondering what will transpire once the meetings get underway.”
On a side note, a minor security breach involving the Embassy’s climate control ductwork was quickly resolved as some unknown noises were heard all around the Embassy. The noises turned out to be a pet that had gotten loose but was quickly corralled and secured by the pet’s owner and Embassy medical staff. 
Written by Krindo Pandorn

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