Sudden Changes Shake Up Duronis II Embassy

Sudden Changes Shake Up Duronis II Embassy

LOKESH CITY, DURONIS II — With the unexpected recall of the Klingon and Romulan delegations, the Embassy of Duronis II turns its attention inward and welcomes new crew members.
Prepared to host a diplomatic summit to discuss the USS Thor’s (NCC-82607) recent incursion into Romulan space and surprised by the sudden appearance of a Klingon battle cruiser, both parties suddenly departed the system, throwing the Embassy’s plans into disarray. The Embassy has attempted to contact the diplomatic officers of both powers, but yet, no response returned, leaving the staff of the Embassy to wonder what games are being played at their expense.
“The Romulan shuttle had been escorted all the way through the Sandbar when the Klingons showed up. There was a real moment where we thought everyone would shoot,” Petty Officer Tyler V’Taxson, a member of the Embassy’s airwing staff said. “We were prepared for the worst, but then everybody just turned around and went home without even a ‘by your leave.’ All the same, we’ll be keeping our eyes on the sky.”
With the talks on hold, the Embassy had a rare opportunity for downtime, as Rear Admiral Toni Turner announced her intention to take the crew on a multi-stage trip to some of the system’s planets most spectacular destinations.
Before leaving, the Embassy welcomed two new senior staff members, Lieutenant Commanders Geoffrey Teller and Addison MacKenzie, M.D., Ph.D., FASFS, who will take over the roles of Executive Officer and Chief Medical Officer, respectively.
“We’re looking forward to the challenges that this new assignment offers,” explained Doctor MacKenzie, when approached for comment regarding her new post. “And fully plan on taking advantage of all the amenities the Embassy provides.”
The crew will depart for their first destination, a famed local beach resort, in the next few days. Afterwards, they will move on to a mountaintop ski-resort before making a final stop at a large Laudean cultural festival and marketplace.
Written by Geoffrey Teller

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