Romulan Warbird Discovered During A Rescue Attempt

Romulan Warbird Discovered During A Rescue Attempt

LOKESH CITY, DURONIS II — Reeling from a sneak attack by Tal Shiar agents, the crew of the Embassy are in a desperate race to stop a Romulan Warbird from seizing vast amounts of dangerous protomatter.
Shortly after taking flight for a planned tour of some of Til’Ahn’s local hotspots, the shuttles carrying Rear Admiral Toni Turner and her crew came under attack from a hidden Romulan ground team, resulting in the crash landing of one shuttle and the kidnapping of newly arrived Chief Medical Officer, Doctor Addison MacKenzie.
Survivors pulled a critically injured Executive Officer LtCmdr. Geoffrey Teller from the wreckage. Before rescue could arrive, Romulan agents appeared and seized MacKenzie, dragging her deeper into the mysterious Talsion Forest, where the agents had established a fortified base camp.
“They picked a heck of a time to jump on us,” explained newly arrived Marine officer 2nd. Lt. Wes Greaves. “Most of the senior officers were enjoying shore leave and got hit out of nowhere. A bunch of us were still in fresh uniforms from checking into the Embassy when it all went down. Talk about a mindset shift. One minute I’m getting ready to meet my new boss, and the next I’m in combat gear, blasting across the sky in a shuttle to lead a squad of Marines on a rescue mission.”
During the recovery of the injured shuttle crew, classified Starfleet Intelligence assets made a disturbing discovery — a cloaked Romulan Warbird rushing towards a newly discovered field of protomatter, hidden deep within the nearby Typhon Expanse. Forced by circumstance to make a difficult choice, Turner and crew boarded the USS Thunder (NCC 70605-A) to confront the warbird while back on Duronia II, a still injured Teller took charge of the ground team that would rescue MacKenzie.
“Certainly, the volume of activity during the first day has been extraordinary.” Recently arrived medical officer Ensign Aleith reflected on the intensity of the action during her first hours on Duronis II. “The shuttle raid, the CMO abduction, the troublemaker patients and the subsequent rescue operation have been an engrossing experience.”
Gathering her thoughts, the young Vulcan continued, “I believe humans call this a …. ‘baptism by fire’. However, I expect that the rest of my assignment at the Embassy should be more uneventful.”
As of press time, further details of the rescue mission and the imminent conflict with the Romulan Warbird are under security embargo to protect the integrity of an active operation.
Written by Geoffrey Teller

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