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Missing cruise ship Red Star found near Romulan border

TYPHON SECTOR — USS Thor locates SS Red Star near Federation border.

The Red Star went missing after it was launched, bound for Risa and was presumed lost with all aboard. Rumors started circulating that the wayward ship was located many light-years away from it’s intended course, near the Typhon Expanse. Being one of the nearest ships, the USS Thor was dispatched to investigate these rumors.

Upon entering the sector, the Thor located the Red Star very near the Federation-Romulan Star Empire Border. Upon finding the ship, the Thor began investigations as to why and how it was found so far away from it’s intended course.

The discovery comes at a time where sanctions against the Romulan Star Empire has started to take its toll, and if there is any evidence that the Romulans are involved in this incident, relations between the two powers will become strained even more than they already are.


Written by Krindo Pandorn

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