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USS Thor to investigate Typhon Expanse

DURONIS II — The crew of the Embassy to investigate rumors near the Typhon Expanse.

The crew of Embassy are presently investigating rumors of the Red Star, a missing cruise ship bound for Risa, being in the vicinity of the Typhon Expanse near the Romulan border.

The Red Star, passenger liner of Red Carrier, went missing a few months ago, and this is the first news of a possible location of the lost liner, which had a crew of 200 and was carrying 2000 passengers bound for Risa. The Red Star went missing soon after departing for the resort planet.

If these rumors are found to be true, questions of the disappearance can finally be answered to bring the families of the crew and passengers some degree of closure to the fate of their loved ones.

Cautious optimism has spread among the families, who asked not to be interviewed until more information is available.


Written by Krindo Pandorn

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