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Diplomatic Envoy From The Romulan Republic To Visit Duronis Ii

DURONIS II/ TIL’AHN — A Diplomatic envoy from the Romulan Republic makes overtures to Duronis II following an incident in Romulan space.

After recent events at Jorok Three, the Romulan Republic will send a diplomatic envoy to the Embassy of Duronis II to begin discussions of those events to help evolve the seeded fruitful relationship with the Federation.

The event in question involved a skirmish near the Romulan worlds of Thendara Two and Jorok Three. The starships, the USS Thor and USS Thunder-A, uncovered a threat to the Federation and the resulting foray into the area ensued the destruction of a bioweapons facility and the ruin of three Romulan warbirds. The Romulan Republic noted the encroachment and has sent a diplomatic envoy to discuss the matter fully.

Whether the Republic will endorse or condemn the intrusion is not clear.

It is also speculated that the Klingon Chancellor will send an attaché to Duronis as well to represent the Klingon Empire in the discussions.

Rear Admiral Toni Turner, along with Prime Minister Vail Daysa and the new Ambassador Brell, have extended the hand of welcome with a planned tour of the Embassy along with a few of the more interesting places on Duronis II, most notably its renowned Mishai Resort which boasts the most spectacular beaches in the quadrant, rivalling those of Risa.

Despite the friendly overtures, security measures will be in place to ensure any hostilities towards Romulans do not manifest and sour relations with the Republic which seeks to distance itself from its counterpart, the Romulan Star Empire.


Written by Krindo Pandorn

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