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USS Eagle Crew Enjoys Shore Leave, Promotion Of Officers

STARBASE 281 – In the aftermath of the disastrous first contact with the social group known as The People, the USS Eagle (NCC-74659) returned to Starbase 281 for a much-needed period of shore leave.

Eagle Officers and Refugees Rescued From Alien Imprisonment

AAVARO WILDS – Following an unusual and hostile first contact, the USS Eagle managed to secure members of her crew from captivity, inciting diplomatic unrest in the process.

USS Eagle captain abducted amidst rescue efforts of refugees

AAVARO WILDS – Responding to a distress call from wanted refugees, the USS Eagle was accosted by unidentified assailants.

Amid temporal disruption on Edrov III moon, USS Eagle recovers mysterious artifact

AAVARO WILDS – With temporal instabilities behind them, the crew of the USS Eagle headed to Aavaro Wild’s commercial hub.

USS Eagle searches for artifact twenty-five years after Cardassian team goes missing

AAVARO WILDS – The crew of the USS Eagle has been assigned to assist the democratic Cardassian Union with a long uncompleted mission.

USS Eagle establishes first contact with Mithglin and develops cure for unknown virus

AAVARO WILDS – With assistance from new potential allies, the crew of the USS Eagle developed a cure to an artificial virus unleashed on the Mithglin pre-warp society.

USS Eagle encounters new species during relaunch

AAVARO WILDS – USS Eagle, under the fresh command of Commander Oddas Aria, has been dispatched into the unchartered Aavaro Wilds as the Cardassian Government retire from the area, encountering a new species and establishing first contact.

Eagle plot summary for February

USS EagleThe away team and Archanian crew were evacuated to the Eagle from the Voila (an Archanian appropriated Bird of Prey), a transition that did not proceed entirely smoothly and required the attention of ship’s security, medical and diplomatic officers. Meanwhile, the bridge crew deduced that the closing Cardassian vessel was remotely piloted and trying to recover a probe that the Archanian crew had stolen.

Unable to protect the Voila any further without risking serious harm to the Eagle and its new passengers, the crew of the Eagle allowed the Cardassian vessel a clean run at the virtually abandoned ship. At the same time, the Captain of the Voila – who had remained aboard his ship – began a ramming run. The two ships collided, resulting in a massive explosion as their respective warp cores were breached, severely damaging the Eagle and closing the wormhole that the ship had originally been dispatched to investigate.

With their original reason for being in the region gone, the Cardassian ship and the Voila completely destroyed, and requiring substantial repairs, the Eagle set a course for StarBase 118.

Eagle plot summary for January

USS EagleThe Eagle arrived at a nascent wormhole at the edges of Federation territory, on a science mission to investigate the newly-discovered phenomena. Upon arriving, they detected vessels nearby from the hostile mahdee species known to frequent the area, although those ships appeared unaware of the Eagle’s presence. The scientific mission was disrupted when the Eagle came under fire; a cardassian ship – brand new, but seventy years old in design – and a heavily damaged Bird of Prey emerged from the wormhole.

Eagle plot summary for December

USS EagleAfter concluding leave on Risa, the crew were gathered for a mission briefing, wherein it was revealed that the Eagle was to scout out a newly-discovered nascent wormhole in contest territory at the edge of Federation space. Several new faces were welcomed aboard and a surprise visit from an Admiral saw Commander Reynolds promoted to Captain.

Preparations were made in anticipation of the crew’s arrival at their destination; the ship’s shields were upgraded to deal with the strange energies radiating from the wormhole, the science department picked apart the long-range scans for as much information as they could scavenge, research into the local species – the Mahdee – was conducted, while security and tactical readied ship and personnel for a potential hostile encounter. On arrival, the area initially appeared quiet, with the Mahdee ships on the edge of sensor range apparently unaware of the Federation vessel. But a sudden impact on the Eagle’s shields revealed that perhaps the situation wasn’t quite as calm as first appearances would imply…

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