Amid temporal disruption on Edrov III moon, USS Eagle recovers mysterious artifact

Amid temporal disruption on Edrov III moon, USS Eagle recovers mysterious artifact

AAVARO WILDS – With temporal instabilities behind them, the crew of the USS Eagle headed to Aavaro Wild’s commercial hub.
While attempting to recover an artifact lost on the Class-M moon in the Edrov system, the crew of the USS Eagle was forced to endure a number of temporal instabilities. The artifact in question, known as “The Heart”, seemed to be able to manipulate time in some manner and had frozen the Cardassian crew from twenty-five years prior in time, until the Eagle’s arrival in the system.
With the away team working with the Cardassian unit to secure the artifact, the Eagle found itself unable to reach the team on the ground. Determining that the strange energy beam that the artifact ejected was part of the issue, the Eagle launched a shuttle to find a way past the interference. During their investigation, the beam seemed to strike the shuttle and caused a shockwave that rocked the Eagle back in time and forced the shuttle to land.
Dealing with hull damage and cut off from the away team, shuttle, and their own timeline, the Eagle was forced to trust in their crew in the present time to help pull them back. Through some quick action and risky maneuvers by the away team, they were able to pull the Eagle and her crew back to 2396.
“I wasn’t exactly looking forward to living out the rest of my life before I was born, especially if we couldn’t go home,” reported Tactical Officer La’Cen Te’Ret.
Experts suggest that if the Eagle was permanently displaced in the past, the Temporal Prime Directive would have forced the crew into somewhat secluded lives to protect the timeline.
With the crew secure, the artifact contained, and the Cardassian research team rescued from their temporal isolation, the USS Eagle and her crew headed for one of – what has been reported to be – the commercial hubs of the Aavaro Wilds, Lightside Station, affectionately known as The Spike by the locals. Due for some rest and recovery the still relatively new crew explored the commercial station and continued to bond.
Written by Delan Han

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