Eagle plot summary for February

USS EagleThe away team and Archanian crew were evacuated to the Eagle from the Voila (an Archanian appropriated Bird of Prey), a transition that did not proceed entirely smoothly and required the attention of ship’s security, medical and diplomatic officers. Meanwhile, the bridge crew deduced that the closing Cardassian vessel was remotely piloted and trying to recover a probe that the Archanian crew had stolen.

Unable to protect the Voila any further without risking serious harm to the Eagle and its new passengers, the crew of the Eagle allowed the Cardassian vessel a clean run at the virtually abandoned ship. At the same time, the Captain of the Voila – who had remained aboard his ship – began a ramming run. The two ships collided, resulting in a massive explosion as their respective warp cores were breached, severely damaging the Eagle and closing the wormhole that the ship had originally been dispatched to investigate.

With their original reason for being in the region gone, the Cardassian ship and the Voila completely destroyed, and requiring substantial repairs, the Eagle set a course for StarBase 118.

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