USS Eagle captain abducted amidst rescue efforts of refugees

AAVARO WILDS – Responding to a distress call from wanted refugees, the USS Eagle was accosted by unidentified assailants.

Following an eventful shore leave on Lightside Station and the sudden departure of Lieutenant Commander Delan Han, the USS Eagle received a distress signal from a previously unexplored section of the Aavaro Wilds. Upon their arrival, Captain Oddas Aria and her crew quickly found the source of the distress signal to be an ancient freighter. Despite attempts to assist the stricken freighter, Eagle was forced to beam the complement of stranded crewmembers aboard before the craft summarily detonated. Shortly afterward, probes of a hitherto unknown origin appeared from a nearby asteroid field and carried out an attack on the starship.

Despite refraining from hostile action of any kind, Eagle sustained a prolonged attack on her shields. Efforts to compensate for the sudden draining effect the screens experienced were ineffective at combating it. Once the shields were penetrated, the probes were able to beam Captain Oddas Aria directly from the bridge, along with several other members of the crew and the entire complement of survivors Eagle had rescued from the freighter. Their location has yet to be determined, as has the reason for this sudden abduction.

“I’ve never seen anything quite like that before”, stated Forbes, a junior science analyst. “They cut through our screens like they weren’t there, and then the captain and the helmsman… they were just gone.”

In the moments proceeding the attack, evidence that the freighter had been on the run from another attacking force had been prevalent. Everything from the pattern of damage the freighter sustained to the fact that they had attempted to evade detection and capture by navigating through an uncharted asteroid field lent credence to this theory. It quickly became apparent that the freighter crew in question were not merely powerless but wanted refugees, fleeing their planet for unknown reasons. Before this information could be acted upon in any capacity, the captain and others were removed from the ship.

Written by Randal Shayne

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