Eagle plot summary for December

USS EagleAfter concluding leave on Risa, the crew were gathered for a mission briefing, wherein it was revealed that the Eagle was to scout out a newly-discovered nascent wormhole in contest territory at the edge of Federation space. Several new faces were welcomed aboard and a surprise visit from an Admiral saw Commander Reynolds promoted to Captain.

Preparations were made in anticipation of the crew’s arrival at their destination; the ship’s shields were upgraded to deal with the strange energies radiating from the wormhole, the science department picked apart the long-range scans for as much information as they could scavenge, research into the local species – the Mahdee – was conducted, while security and tactical readied ship and personnel for a potential hostile encounter. On arrival, the area initially appeared quiet, with the Mahdee ships on the edge of sensor range apparently unaware of the Federation vessel. But a sudden impact on the Eagle’s shields revealed that perhaps the situation wasn’t quite as calm as first appearances would imply…

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