USS Eagle searches for artifact twenty-five years after Cardassian team goes missing

USS Eagle searches for artifact twenty-five years after Cardassian team goes missing

AAVARO WILDS – The crew of the USS Eagle has been assigned to assist the democratic Cardassian Union with a long uncompleted mission.
With an awards ceremony, complete with the promotion of Ensign Kayla Drex to Lieutenant Junior Grade, the crew of the USS Eagle was dispatched to a moon in the Edrov system within the Aavaro Wilds. The Cardassian Democratic Union requested aid from the Federation to investigate a Class-M moon to which the previous Cardassian government had dispatched an Obsidian Order research team in search of an artifact, rumoured to be able to generate vast amounts of power. The team had not reported back in and when the Obsidian Order and Cardassian Union fell, the teams’ fate was not investigated. Starfleet tasked the Eagle and her crew with investigating the moon and the missing team, as well as attempting to recover the artifact if possible.
When the Eagle arrived, the crew witnessed a number of energy discharges from the moon seemingly transferring energy to the gas giant the moon was orbiting. It was quickly decided to send an away team down to the surface, while the crew remaining on the Eagle would do what they could to determine the effects of the energy beam.
On the surface, the away team unexpectedly encountered the Cardassian research team from a quarter century ago, apparently unaware that more than a month had passed. While working with the Cardassians, the beam, which had been stable prior to the Eagle’s arrival, suddenly weakened, causing powerful changes in the moon’s atmosphere, and forcing the away team and the Cardassians to retreat to a pyramid type structure that seemed to be the origin point of the beam.
In orbit, while the Eagle tried to gather more information on the beam and what it was actually doing, a Cardassian ship, the CDS Efri, arrived in orbit around the moon. Commanded by Gul Simor, Commander Oddas Aria entered into a somewhat tense dialogue with the Gul while the rest of the crew continued to work on the issue whilst trying to maintain contact with the away team.
“Relations with the Cardassians are still tense, and that Gul enjoyed pushing the Captain’s buttons a little too much, in my opinion,” said an Officer of the Eagle, who wished to remain anonymous for diplomatic reasons.
The crew on the Eagle continued to work with the Cardassians, tried to figure out how to safely recover their away team, and discover the nature of the energy beams.
Written by Delan Han

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