Eagle Officers and Refugees Rescued From Alien Imprisonment

Eagle Officers and Refugees Rescued From Alien Imprisonment

AAVARO WILDS – Following an unusual and hostile first contact, the USS Eagle managed to secure members of her crew from captivity, inciting diplomatic unrest in the process.
As a result of the unexpected capture of several key officers and nearly fifty refugees, the starship Eagle was led to a Class M world, which contained a single civilization, known collectively as The People. An investigation into the matter quickly yielded disturbing information; the society of The People revolved around recycling.
Those with genetic differences or disabilities are considered expendable and are subsequently reduced to their atomic structures so that the resulting material might be reordered into consumable matter. The captured officers were identified as similarly expendable individuals and delivered to the planet’s surface to undergo this process.
After stating in no uncertain terms that the Eagle would not permit its personnel to be processed, Lieutenant Commander Shayne demanded to speak with an official immediately.
“I’ve heard of dangerous first contacts, but this is just ridiculous!” Ensign Hemn Sgar asserted.
Meanwhile, on the surface of the planet, Captain Oddas Aria, Ensign Chloe Waters and the captain of the refugee crew began to make plans for an escape. Several experiments garnered information that would prove useful in a later attempt, but their efforts were thwarted by extensive security precautions.
As diplomatic formality dragged on, Shayne ordered Lieutenant Commander Irina Pavlova to prepare a search and rescue team to retrieve the captured personnel. At the same time, Lieutenant Kayla Drex and Ensign Quentin Collins prepared a countermeasure for the advanced shield penetration technology carried by the drones that had assaulted them earlier.
After a considerable delay, the Magistrate of The People’s society agreed to speak to Shayne in order to diffuse the situation. Negotiations died almost before they began as word reached the Magistrate that an attack was being carried out against the facility holding the Starfleet personnel. Despite the warning, the rescue proceeded primarily as planned, with the shuttle taking off with most of the targets. The Eagle dropped down low in order to provide cover fire for the escaping craft and was able to beam away the remaining refugees that had requested asylum.
An understandably angered Oddas ordered a broadband transmission be sent to the planet, detailing their escape and inciting the population to question their barbaric practices.
The Eagle then retreated to Starbase 821 to repair damage sustained in the conflict.It is unclear how this will affect The People, though repercussions for the Eagle and her crew seem unavoidable.
Written by Randal Shayne

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