USS Eagle establishes first contact with Mithglin and develops cure for unknown virus

USS Eagle establishes first contact with Mithglin and develops cure for unknown virus

AAVARO WILDS – With assistance from new potential allies, the crew of the USS Eagle developed a cure to an artificial virus unleashed on the Mithglin pre-warp society.
Having established communications with a previously unknown civilization from the Aavaro Wilds, the Mithgiln, the crew of the USS Eagle initiated first contact procedures as well as sent an away team down to the distressed planet to ascertain whether the virus plaguing the Verellians was introduced by an outside source.
Ambassador Brayden Jorey directed a team to the Mithgiln ship to establish diplomatic relations with the Mithgiln and to determine their intentions with the Verellians. Ambassador Brayden, Lieutenant Commander Irina Pavlova, and Lieutenant Commander Randal Shayne opened dialogues with members of the crew before a crisis on Verellia required the intervention of Pavlova and Shayne.
With a dam, decaying from lack of maintenance and sabotage, ready to burst and cause major damage to one of the few operating emergency clinics left on the planet, Pavlova and Shayne beamed down to the planet and were able, through no small risk to their own lives, both removed the hostiles from the area, but secure the dam and prevent what would have been a catastrophic failure.
Meanwhile, the Eagle’s Executive Officer, Lieutenant Commander Delan Han took a team to the planet’s surface where they discovered a group of cybernetically enhanced terrorists. Calling themselves “The Aggregate”, they appeared as heavily altered members of a variety of species, including Cardassians and Ferengi. Lieutenant Junior Grade Choi Ji-hu was briefly captured by the Aggregate and was able to discover that they had created and released the virus in an effort to gain access to the planet’s rich mineral deposits.
The away team was able to overcome the Aggregate and, through some ingenuity by science officer Ensign Keyla Drex and a rescued Lieutenant Choi, managed to escape the mine along with the Aggregate shuttlecraft.
On the Eagle, Doctor Shar’Wyn Foster and a medical officer from the Mithgiln aid team were able to develop a treatment for the plague affecting the Verellians. With the means of a cure handed over to the Mithgiln and, more importantly, the Verellians, the Eagle was able to prepare to leave the Verellian system. As a parting gift, the Mithgiln shared some stellar maps, and the means to establish contact in the future.
“It was exactly the type of mission Starfleet handles in all of the holo-novels,” Crewman First Class Marko Fallon was quoted as saying. “First Contact, a new adversary, all while helping out a plague-ridden populace. There couldn’t be a better-recruiting ad.”
With the mission ending, the Eagle crew will have some downtime while they recover from the charge and transit towards their next destination.
Written by Delan Han

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