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April for the Discovery

Discovery ThumbnailWith the timeline reset, the Discovery is just leaving Earth after shore leave. While en route to the Avalon sector, they encounter a strange nebula which upon further investigation contains a life-sustaining planetoid deep within its core. The crew learns that the sentient humanoid population of the planetoid are just about to embark on their first warp flight and decide to observe this monumental step of theirs to becoming a space-faring race. Two away teams are dispatched to the planet to investigate the planetoid’s energy source without the presence of a star; one team to observe the land-dwelling subspecies, the other the ocean-dwellers.

But all is not rosy planetside. The two subspecies are in the midst of a bitter space race, with the ocean-dwellers planning to sabotage the maiden flight of the land-dwellers’ space vessel H’arvath via a mole planted within the crew of the H’arvath. Will the land-dwellers succeed in their nefarious plan? Will the Discovery be forced to intervene in the Ikarians’ internal dispute, hence violating the Prime Directive? Tune in to find out!

February for the USS Discovery

Discovery ThumbnailThe Discovery is ordered to investigate an abandoned weapons facility on Vador III and to secure a mysterious weapon sought after by Starfleet. The planet had been home to Cardassian high-security underground biological and genetic research facilities until fifteen years ago when it was abandoned at the onset of the Dominion War. Apart from advanced high-technology bio-weaponry, the facilities were also experimenting in cutting-edge logistical and armament evolution such as star-fusion disruption devices, rapid and hostile terraforming, and chroniton torpedoes. Unknown to the crew, both the away team on the planet and those on board the Discovery are about to be ambushed by the Breen, who are also after this powerful weapon. What will soon follow is a deadly cat-and-mouse game with a heart-stopping chase right to the Breen Homeworld.
Flash forward to the year 2576 and the wreckage of the USS Discovery-C is finally found buried under the icy dunes of the Breen Homeworld, after being declared ‘lost’ in the Breen-Federation war 186 years ago. Some of the crew of the Discovery-C are in stasis and are thawed back to life, displaced out of time. Some did not survive. What exactly happened in the last two centuries? How did the Discovery-C end up as a derelict on the Breen Homeworld? What of the mysterious weapon found on Vador III? How did the senior officers die, and will we ever see them again? All will be revealed as Discovery’s biggest mission yet continues to unfold!

January for the USS Discovery-C

Discovery ThumbnailAfter narrowly escaping the ruthless press set on tarnishing the image of the crew following the mutiny and subsequent trial, the crew of the Discovery took full advantage of shore leave on Earth. XO Blueheart and xenolinguist Ravenscroft attended ACTO of Duronis II Embassy, Sharpe’s and Marine Captain Somers’ wedding in South Wales, a star-studded extravaganza attended by many of the top brass of Starfleet. Captain Waltas and Counselor Collim went camping and mountain climbing in Yosemite National Park, both on the threshold of what could be a budding romantic relationship, though with Waltas still wrestling with the ghosts of girlfriends past. Elsewhere, the chief helmsman Cogud, chief of astrometrics Vedra, engineer Frye and security officer Daisha Waltas took part in the brutal Sol System Shuttle Rally and emerged victorious, clinching first place after successfully pulling off the infamous, potentially lethal Titan’s Turn. The teamwork exhibited by the winning team was particularly significant considering that Vedra and Cogud almost came to blows shortly before the race, the animosity stemming from a deep xenophobic hatred Cogud harbors against Orions. Meanwhile, CSO Valdivia and Blueheart visited an old friend, former Ops chief Eric Lundrigan on Luna and cleared the air regarding his sudden disappearance from Starfleet. And last but not least, while vacationing in the Oasis Resort in the Bahamas, CoS Eskyys, his wife Jenyys, science officer Amman, warrant officer Grell and Blueheart stumbled upon the island’s buried secret and dug deeper into its mysterious origins.

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The Discovery-C Through December

Discovery ThumbnailAfter realizing his error, Captain Waltas called off the orbital bombardment of Gurab II and the crew put their differences aside to work together to successfully destroy the doomsday device, saving Earth from annihilation. Despite the success, Captain Waltas was determined to turn himself in to Starfleet authorities for violating protocol. First Officer Blueheart took it upon himself to turn himself in as well for mutiny. Officially on shore leave on Earth, Waltas and Blueheart attended their hearing at Starfleet Headquarters, presided over by Fleet Captain Toni Turner. They both tendered their resignations, explaining their respective errors in judgment. After much deliberation, Turner and her panel of judges rejected their resignations and acquitted them of all wrongdoing. Though Waltas and Blueheart were overjoyed and relieved over the verdict, it iwas the unexpected and uninvited attendance of their crew at the hearing in full unconditional support that truly made them both rejoice and realize just how special and precious and close-knit the Discovery family really was. Waltas also surprised everyone by handing out awards and a promotion right after the hearing. What more could the crew ask for to kickstart a well-earned shore leave around the holidays!

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November Plot Summary: USS Discovery-C

When Earth is threatened with destruction by subspace torpedoes of the rebel Romulan faction Kaleh, the USS Discovery-C is sent to destroy the doomsday device on Gurab II. Upon arrival at the destination, they are attacked by two Kaleh warbirds which were also responsible for the destruction of the USS Fearless. The attack on the Discovery compromised communications and sensors. While comms were down, Captain Waltas receives a message fragment from Starfleet. Unable to verify the order due to loss of communication, Waltas orders an orbital bombardment to take out the weapon. This divides the crew who are torn between preserving innocent lives on Gurab II and saving Earth. First Officer Blueheart, in disagreement with Waltas, relieves him and takes command of the ship. While preoccupied with another battle with the Kaleh, Blueheart is deposed by a freed Waltas and his supporters who triumphantly seize back control of the Discovery. When comms are restored, it’s learnt that the Starfleet message was in fact to announce that the Kaleh had already been defeated by Romulan and Federation forces.
Calling off the orbital bombardment lest it’s perceived as an act of war, and putting their differences aside,  Waltas and Blueheart work together to successfully destroy the doomsday device, effectively saving Earth from annihilation. Now what lay ahead was the long and arduous road towards reconciliation between the two commanding officers as well as amongst their crew

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