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January Plot Summary for the USS Discovery

The crew pursues the Constitution to the Ba’ku homeworld. It becomes apparent to everyone that Hebron and Nekkar plan to unleash the deadly Daris virus on Ba’ku, to show the world what Starfleet sought to not only sweep under the rug but to erase altogether. A horrific battle ensues between the two powerful ships and just when the Odyssey is about to deliver the deciding blow on the renegade Federation vessel, all power is lost – courtesy of a saboteur working for Hebron, who kills Lt Frye before sacrificing himself. Just when all hope is lost, the Discovery – captained by none other than Waltas’ daughter, Daisha – drops out of warp, guns blazing, to save the day!

Following the battle, Hebron surrenders, but Nekkar, acting on his own, beams aboard the Odyssey to try to wrest control of the ship to complete his task. He is confronted by Waltas and an ensuing one-to-one combat leaves both men wounded and the virus destroyed. A second saboteur is apprehended on the Odyssey – but not before she activates a warp core breach, which effectively blows up the prototype vessel.

Back on board the Discovery, Waltas makes a startling announcement to his crew. He will be retiring as CO and staying behind on Ba’ku for an unspecified amount of time. The Discovery, now under the command of Raj Blueheart, limps back to DS-285 to be officially decommissioned, her legacy as the longest serving starship in the fleet coming to a glorious end.

With this plot summary, we say farewell to the USS Discovery for at least the foreseeable future. While she will be available to future Commanding Officers who might want to reignite her long history, for now, she has earned a long rest in the Starbase 118 Fleet Yards.

December Plot Summary for the USS Discovery

The USS Constitution, in all her deadly Dreadnought configuration, has been stolen by none other than Fleet Captain Hebron and Captain Nekkar, the former commanding officers of Captain Waltas. The crew of the Discovery has been assigned to the massive USS Odyssey and tasked with finding the stolen ship and apprehending the two traitors. Returning to the scene of the crime at SB118, the team learns that Hebron and Nekkar are headed towards Daris II, where over a decade ago a deadly genetically-engineered viral outbreak mutated the research station’s crew into flesh-eating zombies beyond salvation, all of whom had to be wiped out by the Constitution. While also on SB118, Captain Waltas bumps into commander Merigold KitiganZibi, his former flame and once Hebron’s wife. Is her appearance on SB118 merely a coincidence, or a devious ploy by Hebron to cripple the Discovery at her weakest point – Captain Waltas?

With Commander KitiganZibi and her daughter in custody and on board the Odyssey, the crew make their way to the Daris system. Upon arrival, they receive a distress call from the USS Varyag, a Miranda-class ship under attack by the mobile defense platforms that were placed to protect the Daris system. Hebron and Nekkar are believed to be behind this. The Odyssey separates into multi-vector assault mode to both save the Varyag crew and to draw out the Constitution from hiding.

November for the USS Discovery

In the midst of the memorial service for the lost ship and crew, a battle-scarred Discovery and NX-class Columbia drop out of warp at DS-285, astonishing the gathered crowd of family and friends. The solemn ceremony turns into one of celebration as both the living and the deceased are honored. The crew look forward to shore leave and to spend time with their families, but unfortunately there will be no rest for them. Admiral Samuelson has reassigned the senior staff of the Discovery to the USS Odyssey, a massive futuristic prototype, to hunt down the USS Constitution which has been stolen by none other than Fleet Captain Hebron and Captain Nekkar, the former COs of Captain Waltas! To complicate matters, the Constitution was in the deadly Galaxy Dreadnought configuration when she was stolen, effectively making her a highly formidable warship. The crew ponder the reason behind the high-profile theft as they clandestinely board the Odyssey to begin their most harrowing mission yet!

October Plot Summary for the USS Discovery

The away team encounters the formidable Dr Treng in her underground lair. An all-out battle between the away team and the former long-lost Starfleet officers erupts. In the thick of the confrontation, Counselor Rogg viciously attacks and kills Dr Treng with his bare hands, something the gentle and mild-mannered Dachlyd had never done before. When an opportune window in the atmospheric ionic interference emerges, the away team and the remaining crew of the Columbia are beamed back on board, just in the nick of time before Discovery declares the away team dead and leaves the Kjenta II system. With LtCmdr Eskyys as ACO of the Columbia, both ships begin their long journey home towards DS-285.

But meanwhile on the starbase, CO of DS-285 Captain Victoria Samuelson has officially declared the Discovery and her crew missing in action. A memorial service is planned for them, to be led by Commander Rode Mitchell. Ensign Reni Svalasdottir, fresh out of the Academy but who unfortunately received her posting to the Discovery four weeks too late, is to assist Cmdr Mitchell. Intel officer Ensign Svalasdottir will also work with the commander as well as civilian Jenyys, LtCmdr Eskyys’ wife, in figuring out just what kind of technology the monks used to cause Discovery to vanish in that system.

Tune in to find out what happens when Discovery shows up at her own funeral!

September Plot Summary for the USS Discovery

An away team including Captain Waltas and Commander Blueheart heads to the surface of the planet, Kjenta II but the highly ionized atmosphere of the planet renders all electronics nonfunctional and the Captain’€™s yacht USS Cook carrying the away team crashes. On the high-G planet surface, the team encounters some of the surviving crew of the Columbia (still alive due to the restorative properties of the planet) who have been sending out a distress signal via the trans-atmospheric, monofilament antenna, led by Dr Treng, Columbia’s former first officer. A confrontation between the Discovery away team and Dr Treng’s henchmen results in the death of Commodore Moretti and a pursuit into Treng’s heavily guarded underground command center. Aided by one of her former loyalists, Irina Pavlova, the team makes their way into the compound via an underground tunnel, where they are ambushed.

Meanwhile on board the Discovery, with no means of establishing communications with the away team, Lt Jorus Cogud, left in command, is conflicted between abandoning the team and leaving the planet to focus their attention on finding their way back to the Avalon sector, and staying behind to mount a rescue of the away team. For every moment they spend in this uncharted region of space, the higher the likelihood of encountering a hostile enemy. This leads to a heated debate amongst the crew with a potential mutiny brewing on the horizon.

USS Discovery Plot Summary for August

On the other side of the wormhole, the crew of the heavily damaged Discovery learn that the derelict starship orbiting the M-class planet is actually the USS Columbia NX-02, declared lost almost two hundred years ago. On board the Columbia, they find that the ship logs have been inexplicably erased. They also find nine survivors of the original crew frozen in stasis pods, including one Commodore Vittorio Moretti, the commanding officer, and manage to revive them. The survivors are brought aboard the Discovery for acclimatization into the 24th century while an away team prepares to head to the surface of the planet where the descendants of some of the surviving crew of the Columbia may be sending out a distress signal via a mysterious trans-atmospheric, mono-filament antenna. But if the antenna was erected to send out a distress signal, why does it have weapons locked on the Discovery? Who built the strange antenna? And who erased the Columbia’s logs, and why? What dark secret is being covered, and at what cost? Follow the latest mission of the Discovery to find out!

Uss Discovery Plot Summary for July

After overpowering the fanatic monks of the Brotherhood of Mikaere hell-bent on hijacking the Discovery to enter an unstable wormhole, the intrepid crew wrest control of the ship and maroon the group of religious zealots on the desert planet Aurix II.

However, in their effort to deny anyone else access to the wormhole, they had no choice but to enter it and close it from within, thus saving the Avalon sector from total annihilation. The ship is subsequently sucked into the vortex, sustaining heavy damage in the process. Once through the wormhole, the crew of the Discovery finds itself in an uncharted, unknown region of space where they discover an M-class planet with a yet-undiscovered starship in orbit. Crippled and lost, the crew head towards the planet for repairs and replenishment of supplies.

Little do they realize that their harrowing journey through the wormhole was but only the precursor of deadlier things to come..

Our History, Our Times: The Aftermath of the Hobus Supernova Part V

This is the fifth installment of “Our History, Our Times”, a news series that examines Federation history and SB118′s place within that history. This historical news series will continue with the most recent history and make its way back to explore major events and notable SB118 fleet actions. This instalment focuses on the current year (2 years after the Hobus Supernova) and what has become known as the ‘Kaleh Incident’.

The Kaleh Incident:

While Federation forces struggled desperately to keep the fragile peace between the Federation and Klingon Empire alive, a small but powerful faction of the Romulan government had their own ideas. Calling themselves the Kaleh (Romulan for “dagger”), this splinter faction believes that the only way to secure Romulan survival is to eradicate both the Federation and Klingon homeworlds.

The Discovery was ordered to investigate Gurab II, a planet run by a Romulan splinter faction called the “Kaleh”, we were not told much about them other than the fact that they were a threat. Starfleet had told us they had Subspace torpedos and so we were to ‘disarm’ them whatever the cost.” – Lt. Jorus Cogud

The faction also includes a large chunk of the research and development wing of the Romulan military. Starfleet Command learned of the Kaleh and their secret weapon: A subspace quantum torpedo launcher that has the potential to destroy a planet. The USS Discovery is sent to destroy the weapon “at all costs”. Since the exact location of the weapon on the planet is unknown and time is short, Starfleet authorizes the unthinkable-an orbital bombardment that will kill over 200,000 innocent civilians.

This is were things got sticky, much of the crew were not ready to wipe out 200,000 innocent civilians to save the Federation. I however agreed with the Captain in his decision to follow Starfleet’s orders. Unfortunately the divided crew saw the Captain overthrown by Commander Blueheart.” – Lt. Jorus Cogud

After scarcely defeating intercepting Kaleh forces, the Disovery reached the planet. However, the crew was split on whether or not to follow orders and eradicate the surface of the planet or not. The first officer and the ship’s captain were on either sides. Although the chain of command broke down, the ship’s science department developed a way to counter the weapon and eventually the weapon was located and destroyed.

The resolution really came when we reached earth for the trial. Although the Captain was the only one who was on trial, we all attended, all of us ready to take the blame for what had happened. The trial itself saw Captain Waltas to attempt to give in his resignation, to try and stop him Commander Blueheart attempted to hand in his resignation also. Fleet Captain Turner, who was presiding over the trial, rejected their resignation and told us that we completed our mission admirably, as we did stop the subspace torpedoes.” – Lt. Jorus Cogud

On the Next “Our History, Our Times”:

The Aftermath of the Hobus Supernova Part VI –The Battle of Gateway Station

“Things looked grim until a second group of KDF vessels arrived on scene and engaged the attacking Klingon forces.”

June for the USS Discovery

While en route back to DS285, the Discovery receives a distress signal from a group of stranded religious monks on a pilgrimage to the abandoned desert planet Aurix II where two sacred artifacts are alleged to be located. The crew agrees to offer them transport to the planet, not knowing that the monks are part of a powerful ancient cult that seeks to sacrifice the Discovery and her crew in order to obtain the mysterious artifacts, which would ultimately open and stabilize a wormhole, the cult’s prophesied Gateway to a weapon of apocalyptic destruction. With telepathy and a hypnotizing chant, the monks seize control of the crew and ship, and transport the XO and a few other senior staff to the surface of the planet, forcing them to look for the artifacts, while holding the Captain – and his three returning children – hostage aboard the Discovery. Will the crew of the Discovery find the artifacts in time? Will they hand it over to the religious zealots to save their Captain, of risk opening an unstable wormhole that will annihilate the entire Avalon sector? Follow the adventure to find out!

May Plot Summary: USS Discovery

The clandestine mission of both away teams to observe the natives on the planetoid turned out to be a failure. The Land Team barely escaped with their lives after being infected with the venom of swamp-bugs. Fortunately they were cured and cared for by a poor Ikarian family of farmers, from whom they learn that the Ikarian land-folk are about to go to war with the Va’ku sea-folk. The Sea Team on the other hand, while attending the royal wedding, was mistaken for enemies of the Crown and imprisoned. By sending a remote message through their shuttle’s comms, they managed to reveal their exact location to the Discovery in orbit which beamed them, together with the newly wedded Va’ku Queen, back to safety on board the Discovery.

Meanwhile on the warp-capable ship H’arvath, a bomb is detected and an away team is dispatched who successfully neutralizes it. While investigations are underway to determine the origins of the explosive and to scout for other such devices on the H’arvath, the Ikarian crew is transported to the Discovery as a safeguard. The saboteur on board the H’arvath is killed and the ship saved. The Va’ku queen and the Ikarian H’arvath first officer, secret lovers no one knew about, are reunited, and together with the full support of the Discovery, they avert a war and represent what could be the dawn of a new age of peace between the two warring subspecies.

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