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Our History, Our Times: The Aftermath of the Hobus Supernova Part V

This is the fifth installment of “Our History, Our Times”, a news series that examines Federation history and SB118′s place within that history. This historical news series will continue with the most recent history and make its way back to explore major events and notable SB118 fleet actions. This instalment focuses on the current year (2 years after the Hobus Supernova) and what has become known as the ‘Kaleh Incident’.

The Kaleh Incident:

While Federation forces struggled desperately to keep the fragile peace between the Federation and Klingon Empire alive, a small but powerful faction of the Romulan government had their own ideas. Calling themselves the Kaleh (Romulan for “dagger”), this splinter faction believes that the only way to secure Romulan survival is to eradicate both the Federation and Klingon homeworlds.

The Discovery was ordered to investigate Gurab II, a planet run by a Romulan splinter faction called the “Kaleh”, we were not told much about them other than the fact that they were a threat. Starfleet had told us they had Subspace torpedos and so we were to ‘disarm’ them whatever the cost.” – Lt. Jorus Cogud

The faction also includes a large chunk of the research and development wing of the Romulan military. Starfleet Command learned of the Kaleh and their secret weapon: A subspace quantum torpedo launcher that has the potential to destroy a planet. The USS Discovery is sent to destroy the weapon “at all costs”. Since the exact location of the weapon on the planet is unknown and time is short, Starfleet authorizes the unthinkable-an orbital bombardment that will kill over 200,000 innocent civilians.

This is were things got sticky, much of the crew were not ready to wipe out 200,000 innocent civilians to save the Federation. I however agreed with the Captain in his decision to follow Starfleet’s orders. Unfortunately the divided crew saw the Captain overthrown by Commander Blueheart.” – Lt. Jorus Cogud

After scarcely defeating intercepting Kaleh forces, the Disovery reached the planet. However, the crew was split on whether or not to follow orders and eradicate the surface of the planet or not. The first officer and the ship’s captain were on either sides. Although the chain of command broke down, the ship’s science department developed a way to counter the weapon and eventually the weapon was located and destroyed.

The resolution really came when we reached earth for the trial. Although the Captain was the only one who was on trial, we all attended, all of us ready to take the blame for what had happened. The trial itself saw Captain Waltas to attempt to give in his resignation, to try and stop him Commander Blueheart attempted to hand in his resignation also. Fleet Captain Turner, who was presiding over the trial, rejected their resignation and told us that we completed our mission admirably, as we did stop the subspace torpedoes.” – Lt. Jorus Cogud

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