May Plot Summary: USS Discovery

The clandestine mission of both away teams to observe the natives on the planetoid turned out to be a failure. The Land Team barely escaped with their lives after being infected with the venom of swamp-bugs. Fortunately they were cured and cared for by a poor Ikarian family of farmers, from whom they learn that the Ikarian land-folk are about to go to war with the Va’ku sea-folk. The Sea Team on the other hand, while attending the royal wedding, was mistaken for enemies of the Crown and imprisoned. By sending a remote message through their shuttle’s comms, they managed to reveal their exact location to the Discovery in orbit which beamed them, together with the newly wedded Va’ku Queen, back to safety on board the Discovery.

Meanwhile on the warp-capable ship H’arvath, a bomb is detected and an away team is dispatched who successfully neutralizes it. While investigations are underway to determine the origins of the explosive and to scout for other such devices on the H’arvath, the Ikarian crew is transported to the Discovery as a safeguard. The saboteur on board the H’arvath is killed and the ship saved. The Va’ku queen and the Ikarian H’arvath first officer, secret lovers no one knew about, are reunited, and together with the full support of the Discovery, they avert a war and represent what could be the dawn of a new age of peace between the two warring subspecies.

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