December Plot Summary for the USS Discovery

December Plot Summary for the USS Discovery

The USS Constitution, in all her deadly Dreadnought configuration, has been stolen by none other than Fleet Captain Hebron and Captain Nekkar, the former commanding officers of Captain Waltas. The crew of the Discovery has been assigned to the massive USS Odyssey and tasked with finding the stolen ship and apprehending the two traitors. Returning to the scene of the crime at SB118, the team learns that Hebron and Nekkar are headed towards Daris II, where over a decade ago a deadly genetically-engineered viral outbreak mutated the research station’s crew into flesh-eating zombies beyond salvation, all of whom had to be wiped out by the Constitution. While also on SB118, Captain Waltas bumps into commander Merigold KitiganZibi, his former flame and once Hebron’s wife. Is her appearance on SB118 merely a coincidence, or a devious ploy by Hebron to cripple the Discovery at her weakest point – Captain Waltas?
With Commander KitiganZibi and her daughter in custody and on board the Odyssey, the crew make their way to the Daris system. Upon arrival, they receive a distress call from the USS Varyag, a Miranda-class ship under attack by the mobile defense platforms that were placed to protect the Daris system. Hebron and Nekkar are believed to be behind this. The Odyssey separates into multi-vector assault mode to both save the Varyag crew and to draw out the Constitution from hiding.

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