January for the USS Discovery-C

January for the USS Discovery-C

Discovery ThumbnailAfter narrowly escaping the ruthless press set on tarnishing the image of the crew following the mutiny and subsequent trial, the crew of the Discovery took full advantage of shore leave on Earth. XO Blueheart and xenolinguist Ravenscroft attended ACTO of Duronis II Embassy, Sharpe’s and Marine Captain Somers’ wedding in South Wales, a star-studded extravaganza attended by many of the top brass of Starfleet. Captain Waltas and Counselor Collim went camping and mountain climbing in Yosemite National Park, both on the threshold of what could be a budding romantic relationship, though with Waltas still wrestling with the ghosts of girlfriends past. Elsewhere, the chief helmsman Cogud, chief of astrometrics Vedra, engineer Frye and security officer Daisha Waltas took part in the brutal Sol System Shuttle Rally and emerged victorious, clinching first place after successfully pulling off the infamous, potentially lethal Titan’s Turn. The teamwork exhibited by the winning team was particularly significant considering that Vedra and Cogud almost came to blows shortly before the race, the animosity stemming from a deep xenophobic hatred Cogud harbors against Orions. Meanwhile, CSO Valdivia and Blueheart visited an old friend, former Ops chief Eric Lundrigan on Luna and cleared the air regarding his sudden disappearance from Starfleet. And last but not least, while vacationing in the Oasis Resort in the Bahamas, CoS Eskyys, his wife Jenyys, science officer Amman, warrant officer Grell and Blueheart stumbled upon the island’s buried secret and dug deeper into its mysterious origins.
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