November Plot Summary: USS Discovery-C

When Earth is threatened with destruction by subspace torpedoes of the rebel Romulan faction Kaleh, the USS Discovery-C is sent to destroy the doomsday device on Gurab II. Upon arrival at the destination, they are attacked by two Kaleh warbirds which were also responsible for the destruction of the USS Fearless. The attack on the Discovery compromised communications and sensors. While comms were down, Captain Waltas receives a message fragment from Starfleet. Unable to verify the order due to loss of communication, Waltas orders an orbital bombardment to take out the weapon. This divides the crew who are torn between preserving innocent lives on Gurab II and saving Earth. First Officer Blueheart, in disagreement with Waltas, relieves him and takes command of the ship. While preoccupied with another battle with the Kaleh, Blueheart is deposed by a freed Waltas and his supporters who triumphantly seize back control of the Discovery. When comms are restored, it’s learnt that the Starfleet message was in fact to announce that the Kaleh had already been defeated by Romulan and Federation forces.
Calling off the orbital bombardment lest it’s perceived as an act of war, and putting their differences aside,  Waltas and Blueheart work together to successfully destroy the doomsday device, effectively saving Earth from annihilation. Now what lay ahead was the long and arduous road towards reconciliation between the two commanding officers as well as amongst their crew

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