February for the USS Discovery

Discovery ThumbnailThe Discovery is ordered to investigate an abandoned weapons facility on Vador III and to secure a mysterious weapon sought after by Starfleet. The planet had been home to Cardassian high-security underground biological and genetic research facilities until fifteen years ago when it was abandoned at the onset of the Dominion War. Apart from advanced high-technology bio-weaponry, the facilities were also experimenting in cutting-edge logistical and armament evolution such as star-fusion disruption devices, rapid and hostile terraforming, and chroniton torpedoes. Unknown to the crew, both the away team on the planet and those on board the Discovery are about to be ambushed by the Breen, who are also after this powerful weapon. What will soon follow is a deadly cat-and-mouse game with a heart-stopping chase right to the Breen Homeworld.
Flash forward to the year 2576 and the wreckage of the USS Discovery-C is finally found buried under the icy dunes of the Breen Homeworld, after being declared ‘lost’ in the Breen-Federation war 186 years ago. Some of the crew of the Discovery-C are in stasis and are thawed back to life, displaced out of time. Some did not survive. What exactly happened in the last two centuries? How did the Discovery-C end up as a derelict on the Breen Homeworld? What of the mysterious weapon found on Vador III? How did the senior officers die, and will we ever see them again? All will be revealed as Discovery’s biggest mission yet continues to unfold!