April for the Discovery

April for the Discovery

Discovery ThumbnailWith the timeline reset, the Discovery is just leaving Earth after shore leave. While en route to the Avalon sector, they encounter a strange nebula which upon further investigation contains a life-sustaining planetoid deep within its core. The crew learns that the sentient humanoid population of the planetoid are just about to embark on their first warp flight and decide to observe this monumental step of theirs to becoming a space-faring race. Two away teams are dispatched to the planet to investigate the planetoid’s energy source without the presence of a star; one team to observe the land-dwelling subspecies, the other the ocean-dwellers.
But all is not rosy planetside. The two subspecies are in the midst of a bitter space race, with the ocean-dwellers planning to sabotage the maiden flight of the land-dwellers’ space vessel H’arvath via a mole planted within the crew of the H’arvath. Will the land-dwellers succeed in their nefarious plan? Will the Discovery be forced to intervene in the Ikarians’ internal dispute, hence violating the Prime Directive? Tune in to find out!

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