The Discovery-C Through December

The Discovery-C Through December

Discovery ThumbnailAfter realizing his error, Captain Waltas called off the orbital bombardment of Gurab II and the crew put their differences aside to work together to successfully destroy the doomsday device, saving Earth from annihilation. Despite the success, Captain Waltas was determined to turn himself in to Starfleet authorities for violating protocol. First Officer Blueheart took it upon himself to turn himself in as well for mutiny. Officially on shore leave on Earth, Waltas and Blueheart attended their hearing at Starfleet Headquarters, presided over by Fleet Captain Toni Turner. They both tendered their resignations, explaining their respective errors in judgment. After much deliberation, Turner and her panel of judges rejected their resignations and acquitted them of all wrongdoing. Though Waltas and Blueheart were overjoyed and relieved over the verdict, it iwas the unexpected and uninvited attendance of their crew at the hearing in full unconditional support that truly made them both rejoice and realize just how special and precious and close-knit the Discovery family really was. Waltas also surprised everyone by handing out awards and a promotion right after the hearing. What more could the crew ask for to kickstart a well-earned shore leave around the holidays!
Follow the Discovery‘s crew into January here!

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