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Ronin Plot Summary For November

USS RoninIn the throes of a stellar flare of unprecedented strength, the USS Ronin NCC-34523, unprepared for such an event, took heavy damage. With EPS surges throughout the ship, Decks 4 and 5 were afflicted with intense plasma fires, cutting off sickbay from the rest of the ship, and trapping several civilians inside the crew lounge. Meanwhile, the rescue attempt to free the Camarian diplomats who had intended to observe the flare, known to them as the “Prominence of Peace”, continued apace. Led by Major Jacen Fanel, a team boarded the Camarian Solar Observatory to rescue the station’s inhabitants, beaming them back to the Ronin for treatment in the cargo bay.

Ronin plot summary for October

USS RoninHaving completed shore leave at the Duronis II Embassy after the acceptance of Bajor into the Federation, the USS Ronin NCC-34523 became host to the Trill ambassador to Vulcan, Torvan Jedan. Bringing with him new orders for the Ronin, as well as Cardassian Gil Alon Brokar, it became apparent that he had selected the Ronin and her crew specifically for a mission that was intended to include both scientific and diplomatic elements; the Camarian sun was expected to undergo an historic solar eruption, one that symbolised the unification of the Camarian people, and made it possible for them to become members of the United Federation of Planets.

Complications inevitably arose. The subject of a healthy dose of mistrust aboard ship, even though 13 years have passed since Cardassia’s involvement in the Dominion war, Gil Brokar revealed to Commander Tallis Rhul that he had been sent by the Cardassian Ministry of Science not only to act as an exchange officer, but also to ensure that a joint Federation/Cardassian mission became a public success, but that wasn’t all.

Part way through the Camarian diplomatic reception, the sun began to erupt a few hours earlier than planned. Hastily returning to the Ronin to begin running their own scans to augment the Camarian databanks, the crew quickly found themselves trapped in various locations aboard ship after the eruptions were stronger than predicted. With the observatory damaged and a rescue operation underway, can the crew escape before they, and the observatory, are pulled into the sun?

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Ronin Plot Summary for September

USS RoninAfter successfully sabotaging a joint Orion/Scarlet Brotherhood shipyard deep within the turbulent region of space known as the Badlands, the crew of the USS Ronin NCC-34523 have been granted some time to patch up the ship, lick their wounds and regroup. Having spent a few days on Deep Space Nine to celebrate the induction of Bajor into the Federation, the Ronin crew have set course for Duronis II for a little R&R. With a chance to meet new friends and catch up with old colleagues, the crews of the Embassy and the Ronin are taking the opportunity to refresh their batteries and forge new relationships.

Ronin plot summary for August

USS RoninThe USS Ronin NCC-34523 has been recommissioned after a refit following her recent tour of duty. With the crew largely made up of two recently decommissioned vessels, the settling-in process has brought a few recent conflicts to light, including a reignited feud between Commander Tallis Rhul, the Ronin’s CO, and his Chief of Security, Lieutenant Commander Hannibal Parker. While Tallis specifically requested Parker’s services aboard ship, their experiences with the Scarlet Brotherhood have left differences between the two officers that still need to be resolved. Conflict has also arisen around the conduct of Lieutenant (j.g.) Sky Blake, whose physical recovery from a savage attack at the hands of the Brotherhood has moved forward much more quickly than her psychological recovery.

Shipwide Chat for the USS Ronin

The first shipwide chat for the newly relaunched USS Ronin has been scheduled for this coming Saturday, Sept 17th, at 3pm EST (Noon Pactific time, 7pm GMT) on our site’s chat room. If you call the Ronin home, join your fellow crewmates for an exciting time of OOC banter about whatever you’ve been wanting to discuss but haven’t been able to via email or IM!

Fleet Changes

USS RoninAs of Tuesday, August 9th, the USS Challenger-A and USS Constitution-B are being merged into one crew under the command of Cmdr. Tallis Rhul, who is starting his Captaincy Exam process.

USS Ronin, an Akira Class Heavy Cruiser has been in service since launching from StarBase 118 in 2375. The Ronin was the direct replacement for the USS Obertha and was commanded by Captain Skyfire. The ship was decommissioned in 2378, but was commissioned again during the Gorn conflict and had a vast number of famous Officers in its center chair, from Captain Alder, Fleet Captain Idril Mar, Captain Bert Morgan, Captain Ben Walker and Captain Toni Turner. It is now going to be a home of the combined crew of decommissioned USS Constitution and USS Challenger under command of its recent First Officer Commander Tallis Rhul.

Ronin plot summary for February

USS RoninThe ongoing negotiations between the Breen and the Romulans at Tyberius VII became increasingly heated, and pushed crew of the USS Ronin to their limits. When a facility containing aid packages was destroyed, Lieutenant Commander Tallis led an away team to investigate. The first batch of evidence pointed to a Romulan device being the cause, but through other evidence a Breen ruse was soon uncovered, one to cast aspersions on the Romulans and drive a wedge between them and the Federation. Back on the ship, the Breen and Romulan representatives made their cases to Captain Turner as the crew worked to develop a way to decode and understand Breen speech. The Breen leader was soon undone when Romulan accusations of a hidden shipyard were confirmed by his own aide, who subsequently defected to the Romulans. She also revealed the location of a Federation hostage and assisted in his rescue… none other than a man long thought killed in action: Major Heath West.

Ronin plot summary for January

USS RoninThe USS Ronin has responded to a distress call from the Breen colony on Tyberius VII. In the wake of the Hobus Star supernova, the Breen find themselves in the middle of a humanitarian crisis with no hope of supplies or aid from the Romulans. Seemingly grateful for Federation aid and supplies, they arrange for a tour of their colony, and send their diplomats to discuss further relief with Captain Toni Turner. The blue touch paper is lit when Romulan vessels appear in the Tyberius system and challenge the Federation’s presence in their space; this leads to the arrival of the commanding officer of the Romulan fleet aboard the USS Ronin, and sparks a political game of cat and mouse between the two rival delegations, with the Federation struggling to mediate.

Even as the Ronin crew hurry to step up their relief efforts in light of the discovery of just how many Breen are ill or starving, an explosion devastates the Breen’s second largest storage facility, destroying 40% of the supplies that they had received. With relations already strained between the Breen and the Romulans, the Ronin crew must find a way to find out what happened, and manage the diplomatic situation before it rages out of control.

Ronin plot summary for December

USS RoninAfter the capture of the freighter where the children of the USS Ronin, NCC-34523, were being held, the two away teams found that it was a holodeck with traps designed as puzzles. The intent was simple – solve the puzzles or die. Due to a power failure, the teams successfully manuvered through the and found the children with their holo-image captor. Immediately beaming back with the children, a holo-image calling itself “Casper” appeared to them on the Ronin, saying he needed to talk to Commander Turner. Concerned that Casper had tapped into the Ronin’s Holodeck computers, he was isolated and put into a hologram containment cube designed by LtCmdr Thomas Gregory, Chief of Operations, for a later disposition.

The Ronin went on short leave, which included R&R, Promotions and and the wedding of M.Captain Miles Unun and LtCmdr Talon Lee. During shore leave they heard of the destruction that a supernova rained on the Romulan Empire, and are now awaiting mission orders from Starfleet.

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Ronin plot summary for November

Following an attack during the Remembrance parade on Deep Space 17, Commander Toni Turner’s children, along with another officer’s son and the USS Ronin’s school teacher, were kidnapped. Responding initially to the attack itself, the crew of the Ronin were instrumental in securing the Promenade, and disabling the automated weapons left behind by the attackers. Now, the crew, led by Lieutenant Commander Tallis Rhul, who has assumed command due to Turner’s emotional situation, is in hot pursuit of the freighter that they believe holds the children. The Ronin is about to enter a nebula near Cholos Prime, a planet suspected of dealings with the Orion syndicate, fully expecting a trap to be sprung as they plan to mount their rescue attempt…

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