USS Ronin collides with criminal Consortium, causes chaos

USS Ronin collides with criminal Consortium, causes chaos

ALPHA ISLES — While responding to a distress call from a freighter deep within the Alpha Isles, the USS Ronin was attacked and boarded by a criminal organization known only as the Consortium.

As the Ronin attempted to render aid, the Consortium ambushed the Starfleet vessel, ramming it with a boarding craft and infiltrating the ship with a large number of robotic assault units. Several eyewitnesses described the robots as having a silvery, spider-like appearance with numerous energy weapons and cutting blades. A limited number of survivors reported encountering something vaguely humanoid with even more destructive potential. Lieutenant Luxa Lorana, a witness to the units attacking the ship’s science labs, shared her experience:

“I know it wasn’t sentient… Nothing more than subroutines and protocols. The scientist in me tells me that. Yet, when I looked into its red glowing eyes, there was true malice that no subroutine could replicate. Those things are capable of real evil.”

Eyewitness accounts also mentioned that the devices appeared nearly impervious to phaser fire and were able to quickly overwhelm large portions of the Ronin before abruptly halting their attack. According to some reports, a figure claiming to be in control of the Consortium in the region of the Alpha Isles spoke directly to the Ronin’s Acting Captain, Lieutenant Commander Toryn Raga. The contents of that conversation have been classified, but Lt. Raga shared a strong reaction:

“It felt personal, but everything about how they operate is meant to elicit visceral reactions that traumatize and terrorize their victims. We’re hurting, but we will rise above and endure. As we say around here, Ronin Strong.”

With the Consortium forces withdrawing, the crippled Ronin is focused on its casualties, with the ship’s medical resources strained to the breaking point. At last report, there had been nearly fifty fatalities, and that number was expected to rise in the coming hours. Unconfirmed rumors have also suggested that several crew members are missing, their disposition currently unknown. While attempting to gather more information, Doctor Quentin Beck, the ship’s acting Chief Medical Officer, loudly shared his personal views on the Consortium:

“How do I feel about the Consortium? They’re a [beep] pain in my [beep]. What kind of cowardly [beep] would go out of their way to attack a civilian freighter just to get the attention of a single ship’s Commanding Officer?” (ed. note – expletives censored per Starfleet communication regulations)

Doctor Beck continued for some time, but none of the subsequent interview is suitable for this report. While the injured and dying are being treated, attention turns towards the Ronin itself, which was crippled by an atypical solar flare just prior to the Consortium’s deadly attack. Chief Engineer Martin (Marty) Tucker had this to say about the frantic repair efforts:

“Given tight time constraints, we were able to patchwork the Ronin together. It took an entire team effort, and special thanks to Ensign Is’Kah for her efficiency.”

With all hands scrambling, it’s a race against time to repair the ship and pursue the Consortium forces before they’re able to further cement their hold on the region. More on this developing story as information becomes available.

Written by: Karrod Niac

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