Shakedown cruise ends with informal declaration of war on the Alpha Isles

Shakedown cruise ends with informal declaration of war on the Alpha Isles

ALPHA ISLES — The Ronin and crew are pushed to their limits after an encounter with combined Tholian and Sheliak forces; civilian freighter rescue hampered by Sheliak fighters.

The crew of the newly recommissioned USS Ronin faced an extraordinary challenge beyond a standard shakedown mission in the Sunjat system. They encountered a combined threat from rogue elements of both the Sheliak Corporate and Tholian Assembly. A unique radiation type, previously thought lost, caused a sensor and communications blackout.

Under LtCmdr. Toryn Raga’s leadership, an away team took the runabout Kushiro to rescue a civilian freighter attacked in the Olidra system. Concurrently, LtCmdr. Alieth led another team in the runabout Rhine to reconnoiter the Sunjat system, while the Ronin distracted the Sheliak and Tholian forces. Chief Corelli designed several explosive devices to draw attention to the Akira-class starship during the operation.

The Rhine’s reconnaissance revealed a testing range for the Sencha radiation wave, a creation of one of Cmdr. Kerrod Niac’s previous hosts. The team discovered chroniton radiation in an asteroid cluster and wreckage from an old Starfleet vessel. They retrieved several stasis pods but had to evade Sheliak fighters.

Simultaneously, Raga’s team reached the civilian freighter, Sabrina’s Delight, rescuing Capt. Gaudemus Bail and First Mate Sm’uf. Tensions arose when Bail attempted to steal the runabout, nearly dooming both crews to a gas giant. Their mission faced further challenges from Sheliak fighters, a risky dive into the gas giant to retrieve the freighter’s computer, and a chroniton surge that temporarily sent the runabout back in time.

During their feint, the Ronin crew observed a massive dreadnought in the combined fleet. Despite employing their explosives and executing short warp jumps, the Ronin sustained significant damage and had to withdraw from the Sunjat system. This retreat followed the destruction of a crystalline outpost by the Rhine’s team, identified as the source of the Sencha wave radiation. The crew obtained critical data during a perilous spacewalk before destroying the array.

Valkyries launched by the Akira escorted the runabouts to rendezvous with the Ronin. The Ronin executed a full impulse barn swallow maneuver under fire, recovering the damaged support craft and their crews safely.

The Tholian/Sheliak forces ceased their pursuit but soon broadcast a message across all subspace channels: “The Lattice Alliance claims this space. Opposition will burn away.” Accompanying the ominous message was a starchart marking the Lattice Alliance’s territorial claims. Cmdr. Niac commented, “They just laid claim to ninety percent of the Alpha Isles…and more. Those are Federation systems. And that’s where DS33 is.”

The Ronin is set to return to Deep Space Thirty Three for repairs and the crew’s first shore leave.

Written by Toryn Raga

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