USS Ronin attacked by an unknown vessel during its shakedown cruise

USS Ronin attacked by an unknown vessel during its shakedown cruise

SUNJAT SYSTEM — Signs of an attack on a merchant vessel discovered during shakedown cruise lead to an investigation of the Olidra system.

The USS Ronin’s shakedown cruise, embarking from Deep Space 33 alongside the USS Arrow, began with a minor hiccup. Commander Kerrod Niac reportedly told Captain Randal Shayne, “We’re…uh…stuck, Captain.” Despite this initial challenge, the Ronin managed to commence its journey shortly after detonating emergency docking clamps to disengage the vessel. A station crewman described the unexpected event, saying, “There were explosions, and chunks of molten docking clamps flew past my workerbee.”

During its mission in the Sunjat system, the Akira class starship, freshly relaunched and undergoing adjustments, discovered evidence of a recent conflict. Early indications point to an attack on a civilian freighter fleeing from the nearby Olidra system.

The Ronin crew collected and analyzed debris, conducting scans while the ship was still under extensive maintenance. The analysis suggested that the freighter’s crew might have hidden within a dense radiation band in the system. The debris also indicated the use of an unknown weapon in the attack on the freighter.

While contemplating the freighter crew’s desperate decision to hide in a radiation field and the nature of the attack, the Ronin itself faced an assault by a suspected Tholian vessel employing a novel weapon, causing severe vibrations throughout the ship.

As the Ronin conducted repairs, the crew prepared for a dual objective: rescuing the freighter and investigating the Olidra system. Originally the Ronin’s intended destination, the poorly surveyed Olidra system now presents new mysteries: the reasons behind the attack on the civilian vessel, the Tholians’ involvement, and the hidden dangers or secrets within the Olidra system.

Written by Toryn Raga

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