Crew of the USS Ronin enjoys their first shore leave together

Crew of the USS Ronin enjoys their first shore leave together

DEEP SPACE THIRTY, ALPHA ISLES — Following forced withdrawal from Olidra system, Ronin crew enjoys first shore leave on DS33.

The USS Ronin, as well as several of its support craft, returned to Deep Space Thirty-Three after the full retreat from the combined forces of the Lattice Alliance from the Olidra system to enact repairs and enjoy their first, much needed shore leave.

Amidst repairs to both the Ronin, three of her runabouts and several Valkyries, many of the crew relaxed and bonded with one another through various shore leave activities. While some of the crew enjoyed group dinners and gatherings, some bonded over jaunts to the arboretum while getting to know some of the non-humanoid members of the crew, with Crewman First Class Cheesecake Watanabe and LtCmdr. Toryn Raga’s Seiuri Sylara stealing most of the attention.

The Ronin’s gymnasium reportedly required multiple repairs and replacement equipment after several sparring matches including an alleged sparring match between this ship’s CO, Cmdr. Niac Karrod and the Second Officer and Science Chief LtCmdr. Alieth. While the Ronin’s Chief Medical Officer V’Len Kel was apparently on hand for the event and less than thrilled, proclaiming at one point, “I just fixed those ribs!!!”

In addition most of the gym’s floor mats had to be disposed of due to ‘extensive shredding and claw marks’.

Several Valkyries launched from the Ronin flight deck part way through shore leave led by Maj. Ishani for a readiness drill according to a call to the bridge, “Singh to bridge, be advised I’m launching with the alert fighters for… unscheduled readiness drill. Repeat, this is only a drill.”

Maj. Ishani’s flight returned with one of the Ronin’s runabouts in tow, the Rhine. The runabout showed extensive signs of damage, possibly due to combat of some kind. Several cryopods recovered from the previous mission to Olidra were also reported missing from sickbay. Though reports have not been confirmed, the cryopods supposedly contained several Starfleet officers recovered from a temporal anomaly. There was a question about when or how the Rhine left the Ronin, which suggests that the crew of the runabout may have been involved in a clandestine operation of some sort. Starfleet Intelligence and Temporal Affairs were unavailable for comment.

Written by Toryn Raga

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