Ronin Plot Summary For November

Ronin Plot Summary For November

USS RoninIn the throes of a stellar flare of unprecedented strength, the USS Ronin NCC-34523, unprepared for such an event, took heavy damage. With EPS surges throughout the ship, Decks 4 and 5 were afflicted with intense plasma fires, cutting off sickbay from the rest of the ship, and trapping several civilians inside the crew lounge. Meanwhile, the rescue attempt to free the Camarian diplomats who had intended to observe the flare, known to them as the “Prominence of Peace”, continued apace. Led by Major Jacen Fanel, a team boarded the Camarian Solar Observatory to rescue the station’s inhabitants, beaming them back to the Ronin for treatment in the cargo bay.
With the ship being pulled slowly into the gravity well of the Camarian sun, a race against time ensued to get as many civilians aboard and develop a contermeasure for the sun’s radiation as possible, before attempting a dangerous manoeuvre to throw the Ronin to safety. Science chief, Lieutenant (j.g.) Arden Cain worked tirelessly with Ensign James Torken to develop enhanced metaphasic upgrades for the shields, while Commander Tallis Rhul worked on calculations to slingshot the ship out of the gravity well, leaving Lieutenant Commander Hannibal Parker to tend to the frightened Camarians who were being beamed aboard.
With the mission behind them and the escape attempt successful, the crew have been given time for some R&R aboard Starbase 375. Many of the ship’s officers are now taking part in a Null-G fight tournament, while others make use of the station’s facilities.
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