USS Ronin investigates attacks on civilian freighters in the Alpha Islands Neutral Zone; Captain Niac missing.

USS Ronin investigates attacks on civilian freighters in the Alpha Islands Neutral Zone; Captain Niac missing.

» ALPHA ISLES- After a memorable shoreleave in Ferenginar that concluded with an awards ceremony to commend the valiant efforts of the crew of the USS Ronin on Colony Grus Beta 3, their commander has been appointed as Captain by VAdm. Makisig Corcino.

Following his promotion, Karrod Niac left his ship in the hands of his first officer, Toryn Raga, to patrol an unclaimed area of the Alpha Isles threatened with potential conquest by the new power in the area, the Lattice Alliance.

At the time of writing, the crew does not seem to know with certainty the reason for their departure “Nobody tells me anything, what I do know is we have a missing shuttle craft on our flight deck, and no PADD work for it…” said Lt. JG Vailani Zoyara , in response to our questions. “… Do I look like I have time to stand around answering your questions? If you had reason to know, I’m sure Captain Niac would have informed you himself”, added the Flight Operations Officer shortly after when we tried to press her for more information on the matter. This reporter has tried to contact the Acting Captain, Toryn Raga, and the Acting First Officer Alieth about this disappearance, without success.

Shortly afterwards, it was learned that the USS Ronin has departed to investigate a distress signal from a civilian freighter that has been pillaged. No survivors have been found, but there are indications that Starfleet technology has been used to access or exit the freighter.

At present, we lack any deeper information on this issue, but given the rapidly deteriorating relationship between the colonies and free powers of the Alpha Isles and the Federation, the speed and detail with which this incident is investigated may be of great importance to the stability of the region.

We have sent a correspondent to the Akira class to cover the investigation on site, and we expect to provide our readers with more detailed information in the coming weeks. 

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