Ronin plot summary for October

Ronin plot summary for October

USS RoninHaving completed shore leave at the Duronis II Embassy after the acceptance of Bajor into the Federation, the USS Ronin NCC-34523 became host to the Trill ambassador to Vulcan, Torvan Jedan. Bringing with him new orders for the Ronin, as well as Cardassian Gil Alon Brokar, it became apparent that he had selected the Ronin and her crew specifically for a mission that was intended to include both scientific and diplomatic elements; the Camarian sun was expected to undergo an historic solar eruption, one that symbolised the unification of the Camarian people, and made it possible for them to become members of the United Federation of Planets.
Complications inevitably arose. The subject of a healthy dose of mistrust aboard ship, even though 13 years have passed since Cardassia’s involvement in the Dominion war, Gil Brokar revealed to Commander Tallis Rhul that he had been sent by the Cardassian Ministry of Science not only to act as an exchange officer, but also to ensure that a joint Federation/Cardassian mission became a public success, but that wasn’t all.
Part way through the Camarian diplomatic reception, the sun began to erupt a few hours earlier than planned. Hastily returning to the Ronin to begin running their own scans to augment the Camarian databanks, the crew quickly found themselves trapped in various locations aboard ship after the eruptions were stronger than predicted. With the observatory damaged and a rescue operation underway, can the crew escape before they, and the observatory, are pulled into the sun?
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